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Sunday, September 4, 2011

He Can Do This. (And He Did.)

A few weeks ago, Mr. Rose made mention of a camping trip with a few other families over Labor Day weekend.

I vaguely remember hearing something to that effect, anyway.  I'm pretty sure he mentioned it, but we didn't talk about it at length...and, besides, Labor Day was still SO FAR away whenever that conversation took place.

Then earlier this week, he brought it up again -- this time to finalize plans.

OH!  We're going camping?

Wait.  I can't go camping.  I have to work all weekend, and I haven't even tried to cover my it's going to be impossible since it's a holiday weekend.  No.  I'm not going camping.

HE was going camping...and he was taking Sugar and Tiara with him.  Tink has been pretty clingy to me lately, so she was quick to announce that she didn't want to go if I wasn't going to be there.  Nice perk to working from home, I guess.

I'll admit it.

My brain was a little over the top.  In my mind, one of them would get lost in the woods, there would be bears, and the pump would malfunction.  Someone was going to lose a toe to frostbite, there would be an accidental fall into the lake, and the campfire would burn out of control, making everyone run for their lives.

I was sure of it.

I wanted to plan for the absolute worst.

When you have a child with diabetes, the WORST is still not as bad as it could get.

She would need a new site in place with extra insulin.  I mean, come on....if Sugar is the kid who gets lost in the woods, it would be terrible.  Knowing her pump was about to run out of insulin at any given moment would make it worse.  She can't run out of insulin and survive for very long.

She needed a brand new site and about 5 days worth of insulin.  Period.

Lantus and syringes too.  Long acting insulin had to be in the cooler as a back up if there was a pump problem.  Gluten-free food, and fast acting sugars:  juice, Starbursts, taffy.  Lots of it.

While we're at it...5 of everything.  Jeans, sweatshirts, shoes, flashlights, bug spray, blankets you name it.

Bring 5 of it.

Come on.  I've seen those survivalist shows.  If they were going to be stuck in the middle of nowhere and had to hike their way back to civilization, they needed everything they could possibly carry.


I didn't pack.

Mr. Rose did all the packing.  Somehow he managed to pack up the tent, food, diabetes stuff, blankets, and coolers -- plus 2 kids -- into his little commuter car.



Danger, Will Robinson!

He picked them up early from school on Friday, and off they went.

Of course, they would be in an area that doesn't get cell reception.  He texted a few pictures once...when he had to make a trip to town because they forgot sweatshirts.


Aside from that, I was left to wait for the crisis van to show up on my doorstep.

But it didn't.

Earlier today, they came crashing through the door.  Filthy dirty and smelling like bug spray. Stories about chasing butterflies, bumpy off-road rides in a friend's Rhino, scary bedtime stories, and campfire meals.

Out of curiosity, I went through the meter history...great numbers, great swagging, and he tested overnight.

Of course he did.  Of course the numbers were awesome.  Of course they came home in one piece, over the moon excited about all the fun they had had.

He can do this without me hovering.

I never doubted it for a minute.

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  1. Glad to hear they're home safe and sound and happy!!!!

  2. Go Daddy!!! Sounds awesome :)

    I'm soooo not a camping girl lol

  3. sound like ME! Awesome job J, as always:) I'm not a camping girl...Josh and Maddi have a plan to camp soon.....I guess I CAN send them on their own! Yay!

  4. What a great guy you have there! so glad they had such a good time!

  5. Yeah for great D dads! Glad they made some great memories!

  6. Ah...yeah...he FRIGGIN' (may I say that over here? :) ROCKS!!!! Sounds like a great weekend for all. xo

  7. Fantabulous! Glad he rocked it and the girls had fun!!!

  8. Loved this post! So glad they had a blast (and that you got to stay home w/a buddy)!!!

    The pics looked awesome and it sounds like Mr. Rose did a GREAT job...Yay!!! :)

  9. yeah! What an awesome feeling knowing it can all work out and did. Glad you had such an adventure for your kiddos without stomping out the fun (like my fears may have been tempted to)...I never doubted Mr. Rose could do it, I mean he's a Washitonian...truly able to camp with the best of them :)

  10. Mr. Rose: you rock!
    Mrs. Rose: you are blessed!

    And the Danger, Will Robinson was hysterical! What memories!

    (Every sentence has an exclamation mark!)

  11. Great post ----- I knew he would do great! He's Mr. Rose after all! I'm so thrilled that they had such a wonderful time and rocking the swags is just the icing on the cake!

  12. Awwwwwwww, what a wonderdful Mr. Rose you have! I loved that you looked through the pump log . . . yet KNEW in your heart he did just what you would have done. Isn't that feeling great?!

    And, bug spray smell is the worst! :)


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