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Friday, September 9, 2011

Well that wasn't on the agenda.


Sugar was telling us about P.E. and showing us how fast she can run.  (I'm thinking future track and field star for sure.)  We laughed. She ran in circles.  We laughed some more.

Than she looked right at me and asked if I knew the secret to running fast.

I felt like she was a teacher who caught me writing notes in class or something.  Her stare penetrated right through me.  I'm known for running at the pace of a snail, and answered her honestly:

"I have no idea.  What's the secret?"

Her reply...

"You just have to believe in yourself...and pretend you aren't wearing shoes."

Profound thinker, that girl of mine.

She left me to ponder her insight, and disappeared to play with her sisters.

Then Tiara hit her head, and the next 24 hours went downhill.

Cry, hug, know the drill.



Nearly 2 hours later, she was still really uncomfortable.


To the ER we went...she vomited almost non-stop the entire way.  Such a trooper back there by herself, holding her own bowl, and keeping calm while I drove like a mad woman.


How many 5 year olds can puke violently without freaking out and spilling their emesis all over the dang car?

She's amazing, I tell ya.

I've learned to stay calm in situations like this, but I was scared.  I set off  in one direction, but then my instincts decided it would be better to proceed to the children's hospital downtown instead.  It's almost an hour away, but I really felt like that's where she needed to be, just in case something really was wrong.

Anyway, long story short -- her head CT was normal and she's fine now.

Suffice to say it was a long night.

We made it home around 1 am.  I set up camp for both of us in the living room, got Tiara settled, and then discovered that Sugar's blood sugar was high.


Between fighting numbers and waking Tiara every 2 hours to assess responsiveness (I'm such a nurse!), I was pretty much out of it the next day.  I was hoping that Jay was sound asleep, but it turned out that he was restless with concern about our trip to the ER.  He was coming out to check Tiara on the hours when I wasn't checking her.

Alas life goes on.

Internal alarms were blaring when she woke up at 250, but I corrected anyway.

Why do I do that?

It's like I have to prove that every other variable is the problem before I'll just change the stinkin' site!  WHAT THE HECK?  CHANGE. THE. SITE. WOMAN!

350 at mid-morning snack.


I thought about her numbers from the day before and decided we might have a pattern starting.  Better to wait and see.

Internal alarms silenced.  I'm ignoring you.


Instead, I decided to take my zombie-self to the grocery store.

Which is exactly where I was, with a cart full of produce, on my way to grab some eggs, when the phone rang.

450 at lunch.


Fortunately, Jay had taken half a day off, and was at the store with Tiara and me.  I left them in Dairy, and zoomed to the school to put in a new site.

I can literally count on 1 hand the number of times Sugar has needed a site change during the school day.  If you include preschool, we've just started our fifth year of sending diabetes to school.  It's, like, an average of ONCE PER YEAR!

Impeccable timing.

One zombie site in place, groceries put away, and life is back on track.

Just like that.  Normalcy turns into chaos, and then you run in circles trying to achieve a sense of peace again.

While you're running, try pretending you aren't wearing shoes.

And don't forget to believe in yourself.
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  1. No shoes, Believing...GOT IT. Tell Sugar Thanks for the advice. Man, it sounds like you had quite a 24 hr

  2. I love that girl. And her mama. Duh!

    Posts like this give me comfort, not in your pain or chaos but in knowing that its not just us.

    I hope Tiara is feeling much better, and back to being a panther? Or jaguar? Or was that Tink?

    Either way love y!

  3. YOU are the trooper my friend.
    sounds awful but you all pulled through. bad shit always comes in multiples. UG.
    and I'm going to try that "pretend you aren't wearing shoes" on my next run.

  4. Ouch! What a day you had. I hope Tiara is feeling better now. And Sugar is just too adorable! Love the running advice! Beautiful post, Wendy!

  5. What a day you all had! I hope that all is good now and you were able to sneak a good long nap in there at some point. LOVE the advice from Sugar too. :o)

  6. Adorable her advice on how to run fast! Maybe that will help me, although without shoes, I'm sure I'll break a foot or something. So sorry things took a turn for the worse! I hope she is feeling better and all clear now!

  7. i think 'emesis spill' would be a great name for a punk band. think of the t-shirt designs!

  8. Seriously? What a crazy day Wendy!! Glad you all made it through. Praying you have a quiet deserve it! 

  9. I think Sugar is on to something...I used to love to run without shoes on. I "believed" that it made me faster :)

    So glad to hear that Tiara is doing ok after the head injury. Those always freak me out ~ and I'm not even a nurse!

  10. Sugar is onto something for sure! Believing in yourself -- that's the key to just about everything we do, isn't it?!!!

    What a crazy couple of days you had!!! When it rains, it pours!! Here's to nothing but sunshine for a good long time!!!

  11. You are so amazing. Your whole family! I am glad Tiara is doing well. I've been kinda absent in the blogging world for a while, but you're always on my mind! You're an awesome friend and a super D Mama! :)

  12. Hoping Peace finds it's way back in again! I think I have lost the believe in myself I am going to try and find it while I am running and pretending I am without this secret and your wonderful family.

  13. I love it. (sorry) Makes my day sound better. ; ) Girl, you are such a great nurse-mom! : ) I get the zombie-non-site-changing. Your brain is not fully functioning, I've been there. Hope you get some rest, Wendy!! Whew.

  14. Ouch! Poor little one, glad she's okay.

    LOVED Sugar's theory on running fast...she's a smartie for sure!!! Funny what we learn from our kids isn't it??!!?! :)

  15. no shoes...tell her I am so thankful for those words of wisdom, however I could have used it before the San Diego Rock-n-Roll marathon! :)
    Glad your little one is fine after that scary event, those trips to the ER are so not fun on many levels. Hope this weekend is relaxing and fun!

  16. Haven't you taught them only one child is allowed to cause drama per day?!?! When will these kids learn??

    Glad everyone is okay :)


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