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Friday, September 2, 2011

Action Week: JDCA

Have you ever heard of the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA)? 

Well, let me take a moment to tell you about them....

From the JDCA website, here's their mission statement:
The JDCA's mission is to direct donor contributions to the research opportunities that provide the best chance of curing type 1 diabetes by the year 2025.
Sounds good, eh?  But how?  What does that mean?
•  The Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance ("JDCA") is seeking to form a paradigm-shifting coalition of donors who will work together to facilitate a cure for type 1 diabetes by 2025.
•  The JDCA was formed after performing extensive diligence on the type 1 philanthropic landscape, during which the JDCA discovered that none of the existing type 1 charities allocate their funding in a manner that maximizes their chances for developing a cure by a certain date.
  The JDCA will be a unique organization.  It will focus on becoming the independent analyst of the type I diabetes philanthropic landscape.
-- It will do so by hiring a team of independent analysts who will develop a deep understanding of the operations of the major charities and the methods and prospects of achieving a cure by 2025.
-- JDCA analysts will publish regular research reports on major type 1 research organizations within the context of their ability to develop a cure by 2025, and through this process seek to represent, and independently, update the donor community.
•  As the JDCA builds its capabilities, insight and reputation the JDCA will advise donors on how to maximize their chances of directly contributing to a cure for type 1 diabetes by 2025. 
•  The JDCA will provide a framework for donors to communicate directly with research organizations and voice their desire for more efficient, more cure-focused operations.
A coalition of donors!  GEEZ!  Why didn't I think of that?????  Personally, I think this concept is brilliant.  Listen clearly:  The JDCA doesn't want your donation.  They want to make sure that you, as a donor, are able to focus your resources towards research that is showing promise of a cure by 2025.

I know it's hard to resist the urge to be skeptical, but give them a chance.  This organization was founded by a father who has a child with T1, and he has a message for you.  Head on over to peruse their website.  Check out their blog.  Read one of their reports.  Visit them on Facebook.  Follow them on Twitter.

They also want to get to know the T1 blogging community.  If you aren't a blogger, no worries. They want to hear from as many people affected by T1 as possible through surveys and free membership.


That's less than 15 years away.

Here's to HOPE!

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  1. This JDCA interests me... have mixed feelings about it overall, so I'm going to spend some time researching it more. Thanks, Wendy.

  2. It's great to have an organization taking a look at where the money goes (though their report's focus seems a bit too narrow) - interested to see what they'll be doing!


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