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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


What day is it?

Day 26 of NaBloPoMo.

National Blog Posting Month.  Which is actually every month.  I mean, you can sign up to do it any month...and then it becomes YOUR personal National Blog Posting Month.

Okay.  Whatever.

So here we are.

Running the course.

Speaking of which...

The thrill of summer has run it's course.

Staying up late, sleeping in, eating off schedule, swimming, movies, vacation.

We have 3 weeks until the first day of school, and 3 girls who are getting bored faster and faster as each day passes.

Today we made Goo.

GOO!!!!!  My girls were grossed out the entire time -- but it kept them busy for awhile.

I'm desperate, people.

PLEASE share your best boredom busters....

I will not survive 3 more weeks of Goo.

For serious.


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  1. Do you have younger kiddos in the neighborhood that they could create a show for ? We use to put on circus shows for the neighbors and that was always a blast. How about scavenger hunts, where the older creates for the younger two a list of things (using pictures that she finds in a magazine) that the girls have to find boys love scavenger hunts! Ask the kiddos if they want to make a play out of their favorite books to have videotaped and then have a movie night watching their plays. When we get back from a mini vacay we're going to start our Alphabet Adventure - a letter a day where we eat foods that start with the letter, find exciting words that start with the letter, paint, glue, decorate the letter, practice writing the letter, make play-doh letters, use shaving cream on the table to do the letter...ect, ect, ect. I want to help Ethan get back into the groove of doing activities with a focus before school starts so I'm hoping this helps. Were any of those useful ideas?

  2. Ah...yeah...the Goo is scaring the crap outta me. We still have about 5 weeks left...we are in full Camp (Tennis and Archery and Power Skating) the next few weeks...and then...I fear...we may be making some Goo too. xo

  3. I always loved the corn starch and water mixture. It seems to have different regional names. In NJ it's called Gak. You's a liquid, but when you pick it up and squeeze it, it temporarily turns sort of solid and then it drips through your fingers. It's awesome.

  4. Bubble art. Put some food coloring in soapy water, insert straw and blow bubbles up and over the container. Place a white piece of paper on the bubbles. Instant art.

  5. Tissue paper art...Draw or find a picture to be the base. Cut a lot of 1 X 1 inch squares out of many colors of tissue paper. Using the eraser end of a pencil, sort of wrap/drape the tissue paper over the eraser and dip in white Elmer's glue. Place tissue paper pieces on picture. Continue until picture is "colored-in" with tissue paper.

  6. Um..shrinky dinks? (They are actually fun, and you can make jewelry, bookmarks-for school!)
    Do you have geocaching there? There are usually boxes at local parks. You could make a scavenger hunt for other friends..and go around your neighborhood or more than one park and hide stuff (or just look for a lost straw, stray chip bag, maple leaf, heart-shaped rock, etc.) (or take a Picture Scavenger Hunt-only pictures of landmarks, stores, items in the mall (free shopping!).
    Rock pet painting? simple sewing? (felt into flowers onto barrettes?)
    Open a "nail salon" for their friends/neighbors?
    I'll keep thinking. : )
    Oh! Massage mom!! : )

  7. omg@!!! haha. funny, i know what you mean and our school summer break is only 6 weeks!


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