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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27, 1921

On this day in history, insulin was discovered.

Insulin has served as the ONLY life-saving treatment for Type 1 Diabetes for almost 100 years.

It is not a cure.

But it IS the reason my daughter is still here today.

Sadly, that's not the case for thousands of children around the world....

It is estimated that there are 100,000 children with diabetes around the world who are in need of assistance to access insulin.
Without insulin, these children will die within 1 week.

 $1 (or more) for each of these children.  
That's our mission.  Let's get started.

Candy Hearts has partnered with several businesses and is proud to present to you the Candy Hearts Collection of blue circle merchandise.  These artisans have used their time, talents, and resources to create a practical line of products that I am certain you will enjoy.  Some of these vendors do not have a direct connection to T1D, yet they recognize the global crisis that exists, and want to be a part of the solution.

  Proceeds from this campaign will provide insulin and supplies to 
children in need around the world:

Together Gigi and Lula and Candy Hearts Blog aspires to provide these children, and their families, a tangible gateway to survival and HOPE*10% of all Gigi and Lula purchases that include a Candy Hearts Collection item will be donated to Life For A Child with a minimum donation of $1.00.

Pump Wear is thrilled to be able to participate in the Life For A Child program through Candy Hearts Blog.  Pump Wear will donate 10% of our profit from all of the Life For A Child merchandise sales.  Proceeds from this campaign will provide the much needed insulin and supplies to children all over the world.

In support of Life for a Child Program, Tallygear will donate 20% of ALL Tummietote Belt sales to Life for a Child when you enter in the comments section at checkout 'Candy Hearts Collection or Campaign or Life for a Child Program. The donation will be made directly through the Candy Hearts Blog to The Life for a Child Program. Proceeds from this campaign will provide insulin and supplies to children in need around the world. Thank you for your support.

In support of diabetes awareness, TigTagz will donate 20% of sales from ALL our wristbands to Life For a Child when you enter the code "UNITE" during checkout

Once Upon A Sugar Tree will donating $3.00 for every blue circle necklace that sells from our site. Please check the special necklaces to help this worthy cause. 


1)  Support these vendors!  Think of them when you're making an online purchase, whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else.  Remember, your support will save a child's life!

2)  Spread the word!  PLEASE share via Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, chat forums, emails, and any other venue you can think of.  Feel free to grab the button as a tool to help with that!

3)  Please pray that this effort will, somehow, reach each and every child in need.  I realize that sounds like an impossible task, but I believe in a big God who can do amazing things.

4)  If you are an artisan who would like to participate, feel free to create your blue circle merchandise and contact me today.  There's always room for more love in this Candy Heart! (

5)  In addition to making an investment in the Candy Hearts Collection, you can also make a direct donation.  Donations are accepted on behalf of Life For A Child through HOPE Worldwide(For more information about this partnership, click HERE.)  The donation button below will link you a page where you can make the contribution amount of your choosing in support of Life For A Child .  All contributions are U.S. tax deductible.  For information about tax deductibility in other countries, click HERE.

Please note that Candy Hearts Blog will not receive 
any financial compensation from this campaign.
All monies raised will be allocated to the 
Life For A Child program via Hope Worldwide.

If you can't do it right now, then bookmark it and make a commitment to come back when you can.

They need us.
They need YOU.

Open your Candy Heart and connect with these stories.

Then do something to help the thousands of families like them who are living with
Type 1 Diabetes, and desperately need your support.

Whatever you do...PLEASE do not turn your back. 

We are ONE community.  We must take care of each other...
and we must do it NOW.

in partnership with

They each count.
and is committed to the first focus area of providing essential care to all people with diabetes.
You can learn more about Acting On Diabetes HERE.

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  1. Wendy, this is AWESOME! What a great way for the DOC to show some love to our less fortunate D friends around the globe. Thank you!!!

  2. I for one am thankful. As a type I. Pumper nurse working a night shift I couldn't do without. Everyone needs to know we all can lead normal lives it just takes work. But everything does that's worth any thing does. Keep liven your little one and he will always love you.


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