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Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank You

Here's the other half of the picture I posted of Sugar the other day.
You see, she has a strong local support system.
She knows she's not alone.
But she feels alone when she's only one in her class wearing a Dexcom.
The one beeping in the middle of a math test.
The one who misses part of recess because she has to go to the nurse.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the outpouring of supportive comments I received after my last post.  Each one means so much to guys really do understand the emotions we're dealing with and I genuinely appreciate your kindness.

I tried to bring Dexcom up with her again today.  It's not that I wanted to push her to try it again...more that I just wanted her to talk to me about what had happened at school that made her so upset.

"Mom, I can't talk about it without feeling like I'm going to cry."


She's SEVEN!!!!!!  Nothing in life should be so stinkin' heavy that it evokes such painful emotion.


Anyway, I was telling her that I told my computer friends about how sad she was the other night...and I shared some of the comments with her.  The next thing I knew, she was smiling ear to ear.


The DOC lifted her up, just like it's lifted me up a million times before.

Lorraine and Alexis suggested a great idea to help her feel less isolated...but I'll need your help.  I'd like to collect some pictures of people wearing their CGM's (kids and/or adults) to create a scrapbook for her.  I'll also use this collection to show her class that there are many people who wear a CGM and it's nothing they need to be concerned about.  If possible, would you mind writing/having your child write a short note  finishing this statement:

I have diabetes and I am ________________________.

Then take a picture of the note and send it to me with your CGM picture.

I'd like to collect all the pictures by Friday, 4/1.

Thank you, my friends.


From the bottom of my Candy Heart,

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  1. I am crying. To hear that this situation made me her feel so sad breaks my heart, but the smile from ear to ear, now that made my night!

    I will send that pic off to you tomorrow, and a lil blurb from J.

    Youre an awesome mama pancreas, just in case you needed to hear it. Again.

  2. I think this is a SUPER idea! Just kiddos with CGM's though? Noah doesn't have a CGM but we sure would be happy to send over a pic of him wearing his Pod!

  3. Does it have to be on the arm? If not, you can use this picture: show her. I have a few others in my photostream as well.

    As far as the comment:
    I have diabetes and I am 26 years old.
    I have diabetes and I am a wife.
    I have diabetes and I am a soon-to-be mother.
    I have diabetes and I am a photographer.
    I have diabetes, but I am so much more than diabetes.

  4. I would so love to do this - why did I have to put my newest sensor on my upper thigh?? (No one wants to see that!)

    I'll see if I can figure something out. Love this idea!


  5. What a GREAT idea, Wendy! You are such an awesome mama. :)

  6. Such a great idea Wendy! I just took some photos of Addison wearing his and will send it along asap.

  7. just emailed you our contribution!!
    good luck!! xoxo

  8. Happy to help my sweet little friend Sugar and her awesome mama! Look for an email from us soon! Love you guys!

  9. So glad your DD has agreed to wear Dex again, and hope the pictures help her feel less alone. It is great you were able to convince her and also wonderful that you would not force the issue, if she continued to object. How I wish they would come out with an implantable or noninvasive cgms.

  10. I just wanted to pop over and say hi! I am soooooo behind on reading blogs. I haven't even been posting myself. Rough couple of weeks.

    Anyway, I just like you so much and wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and reading when I can.

    Keep up that quiet time! : )

  11. Justin said we can get a pic of Dexcom... he happens to have him on :)

    I will take it and send it tomorrow.

    Sorry she has to put up with this... I don't know what gets into kids these days.

  12. I think its a great idea to present pictures to Sugar....but I dont think I would present them or a talk to the class.

    I dont think there is anything you can say, do, or show to the kids at school that will help this situation, the hurt is already done.

    I would think a parent coming to talk to the class (with pictures) is only going to single Sugar out more in front of her peers....the last thing she needs right now is MORE attention drawn to her. We went through something similar with Maddison and a bully at school, and it ended up that our parental interference made it worse, dragging out the pain of it all.....

    You could also have the school counselor pull just those kids that hurt Sugars feelings out of class and talk to them. Good luck, this is a tough one!!

  13. that is an awesome idea! we have nothing to contribute cgm wise (they arent available in Australia in any common or affordable way) perhaps I could forward a copy to our HEALTH MINISTER saying see all these people whose lives are made better by CGMS! Love the photo. I had to explain to my 3 year old why the girls had 'bandaids' on their arms!

  14. How awesome! My little guy isnt on the CGM yet so I cant participate but Im super excited to see the outcome of this!!

  15. Awesome IDEA Wendy... I can't wait to participate!

  16. It brings me great joy to see this take motion. I really hope it ends up having the desired outcome!

    And Yay for local d-solidarity!


  17. My son isn't on CGM but he does wear a pump. He's 11 and is into technology and gadgets so I think that helps.

    Please let your daughter know she is NOT alone. Will she go to a diabetes summer camp? We love them.

    It's a heartbreaker when oud kids are hearting.

    Take care.

  18. My son is 17 and a champion high school tennis player. Diagnosed April 2000. Finally got a pump Dec 2010. Pizza and Chinese food cause trouble, but we can handle everything else. Colds create highs, so we are careful to stay healthy. Dad and son are much, much closer because of Big D. His cousin diagnosed in 1985 at age 16 and went to Philmont Scout Ranch soon thereafter; earned Eagle; he dances competitively with partner. God bless you. Go for the zest of life!

  19. Great idea! I'd love to see the scrapbook! :)

  20. Hi Wendy! I just stumbled to your blog for the first time. I am a 22 year old newly diagnosed diabetic... I just started on the pump yesterday! My six year old cousin was also just diagnosed a month ago, so I think I can relate a little bit to how these younger kids are feeling about their diabetes. I was so happy to read this post and LOVE your project idea. I hope you received lots of pictures and that your daughter LOVES them! I can't wait to read what other posts and ideas you have up your sleeve :)


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