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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What's In Your Kit? (My 1st VLOG!)

You, know....your "Sugar Box" (that's what we call it...Reyna calls it "Woodchuck", Meri calls it "Organized Chaos", Nicole calls it "Diabetes Supplies", Heidi calls it the "D Kit", Alexis just calls it "The Kit", and Lorraine calls it the "DIAPACK" -- love that!)

Basically, it's your diabetes supply carrying kit.

Last week I learned about a pretty cool opportunity to speak up and tell someone exactly what I'm looking for when it comes to managing our diabetes supplies on the go.  And guess what!?!?!


In honor of this unique opportunity, Hallie and I decided to VLOG about our kits.


I said VLOG!

(Lord, help me now.)

First, let me say that there's a pretty transparent post coming next week addressing my VLOG fears.  I faced them today because I love you guys.  I'm actually going through with posting it, because I was surprised at how motivated Sugar was to teach others about the tools of her trade.

She made me proud, my friends.  Watch on and you'll see why :)

(Seriously, YouTube...could you have chosen a better thumbnail?  Like, for example, everyone smiling at the end?????)

And there you have it!  Candy Hearts' 1st VLOG!  As you can see, I had a lot of help.  (There's never a shortage of help around here.)  

I realized after the fact that there were a few nooks and crannies in the bag that I didn't mention.  So, here ya's a picture of EVERYTHING in our kit:

NOW! It's your turn!
Here are some details about the project,
and a link to the instructions so 
Submit Your Kit

We’re currently trying to understand the needs of people with Diabetes so we can improve the process and tools they use to manage their everyday lives. Whether it's monitoring blood sugar levels, administering insulin or logging records, our goal is to design a solution that will improve Diabetes care. Your thoughts will inspire our design and help us develop a great solution.

Check out THIS LINK to find out more.

If you know anyone who has Diabetes and might be interested in helping out, then please forward this along.
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  1. Ooooh! I LOVE seeing all of you LIVE! SO much fun! You are darling, my dear, and so are your sweeties! I LOVE THIS! Do it again!! :)

  2. I love how knowledgeable she is! She gave GREAT answers & descriptions!

  3. Oh how neat! Thanks for the mention, Wendy. I confess that we call Caleb's pack the Dia-Pack because that's what it's called - we are not the least bit creative. :)

    Lovely job on the vlog and how impressive to hear Sugar and all your girls articulate what each of the items is for.

  4. I love these vlogs it is so nice to see and hear people. I just loved sugar's smile when you complimented her. What a wonderful, smart young lady you have and her little sisters are adorable!

    Kirstin and Cara got a kick out of seeing the girls and they both waved to them at the end :)

  5. Their poor faces, when they all said' "SHOTS"! I loved how cute your girls are! That was so awesome! I loved that you had a flower in your hair. For me going without a hair accessory would be like going without insulin! Sorry about being late on the Sugar Bolus. Thanks for looking out for me. You're a super duper awesome friend! :)

  6. I LOOOOOOOVE the picture of all of you guys smiling at the end!!!!!!! Soooooooo adorable!!!!!!

  7. What a great idea! You are all adorable! I love your flower by the way. Very pretty.

    It's so wonderful to see how knowlegable all of your girls are. You've done a wonderful job teaching them Wendy!

  8. You guys are so cute! Great job with the vlog. I haven't worked up the courage to do one yet.

  9. LOVED the VLOG!!!!!

    It's so wonderful that all three of your girls know what's the Sugar Box and know what to do with it all! :-)

  10. Youre just as adorable as I remember! :)

    Love the girls theyre so cute!

    Great job!( I too have VLOG fears. I made a few and deleted them. yup)

    Great post!

  11. OMG!! Your real????? No freakin way!!!!

    lol :)

    everyone is so cute!!!! thanks for sharing :}

  12. YOU.ARE.REAL!!!! YAY!!! You are gorgeous. The girls are gorgeous. And I love what great "helpers" they are in the VLOG. I am checking out the link and have ideas for a new and improved "Woodchuck" fo' sho'.

    Wendy, I am truly happy to see you in action. You are an inspiration to so many.

  13. Good job on your first vlog...always easier to do when you have some sidekicks!

  14. Big love to you and the girls! This was amazing..I hope you do more of them!! I think I am going to have to get a larger D supply bag after seeing what you and Hallie keep in yours!!

  15. Ours is "the diabetes bag" and when we need full gear we say, "Throw it in the backpack and let's go." And we have the same backpack, I think!

    What a neat idea and way to go on the vlog!

  16. awwww! You guys are so cute! And smart, I might add!! Now I want to do it! You, Reyna, and Hallie are giving me some VLOG fever!! Haha! Thank you for sharing! I always learn so much from you!!

  17. Great video!! Our "Diabetes bag" as we call it (wish I was more creative with naming things LOL!), is QUITE a mess right now, but, I will definitely get something worked out for you soon! I personally would LOVE to have something small enough to fit in my purse but roomy enough to carry around all our supplies. Hate having to carry around multiple bags all the time LOL! It especially used to drive me nuts when he was first diagnosed and my daughter was just turning 2 years old and potty training. This mama was loaded down with purse, diaper bag, and diabetes bag LOL!

  18. I love the video! Matthew and I had such fun watching you and the girls.


    : )

  19. so proud of you and your girls!!...great job!

  20. that was a w e s o m e ! you are beautiful, remind me of my best friend from primary school! how great are your helpers, so smart and its just a reflection of your great parenting. you should definately vlog again!

  21. That was wonderful!! I would be super-scared to do it too. : ) Your girls are so smart, and knew about everything! I'm not sure my daughter knows about the glucagon. Good, but bad?
    We call it her Meter Purse. Not so cool. But it's a purse, and holds her meter. heehee You keep way more in yours too-we must not be as prepared!
    Awesome job, beautiful girls!! : )

  22. Oh my goodness,you are all so adorable!!!! I loved watching your vlog and seeing you and your wonderful girls - and your Sugar Bag!

  23. I LOVED this! So cute to see the girls naming everything. I can't wait to let Ally watch it. (Ally flips her hair when she's talking just like Sugar did!)


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