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Monday, August 12, 2013

JDRFcc13: Downtown DC with Hallie

We had a few free hours on Day 2 of JDRF Children's Congress 2013 to see some sights. It was a small window of opportunity, so I asked Sugar what she wanted to see the most out of everything.

Her answer: The Lincoln Memorial. (And she wanted to ride the Metro.)

As for me, I wanted to take her to the American History Museum, specifically to see the First Ladies Exhibit

That was all we'd be able to "thing" each.  We were excited when Hallie and Sweets decided to join us, and off we went!

First we walked from the hotel to the American History Museum.

I'm a nurse. He's a helicopter mechanic. We're pursuing the American Dream together.
Corny, I know.
*BONUS* - Coincidentally, one of Mr. Rose's sisters happened to be in town for a conference of her own. She Metro'd over to meet us for a quick hug and hello, before needing to get back to her meetings.

Next up, we found some dinner and then hopped the Metro to Foggy Bottom. We didn't think the Lincoln would be much of a least, not according to the map we had been using...

It was a hike. 

And it was hot.

But we made it.

American History -- CHECK!
Metro -- CHECK!
Lincoln -- CHECK!

Now we had to make it back to the hotel in time to pick up some important information we would need to review before starting Day 3.

We walked.

And we walked.

And we walked.

(Did I mention it was HOT?)

I swear we walked about 154 miles.

For realz.


Maybe 156.

But, seriously. It was a really long walk.

All the while, we were testing BGs and Sugar was popping glucose tablets as if her life depended on them. (Ummm...because it did.) I seriously don't even know how many tablets she chomped through in order to survive our sweaty city escapade.

When we made it to the final home stretch, she hit a wall.

She sat down in the middle of the sidewalk, and declared she couldn't go any further. She even took her shoe off. 

I could only imagine how she must have been feeling...every time I checked her she was hovering in the low 100's - literally clinging to that range by the grace of yet another tablet. We were hot. Sweaty. Tired.

But we powered through. She hobbled back to the hotel wearing one shoe, and claimed victory.

We finished strong, my friends!

HI FIVE to Hallie and Sweets!!!!

PS (In case you ever wondered, the U.S. Treasury Building is beautiful. It might or might not resemble the White House after a long, hot, exhausting walk. And you might or might not stop to take pictures of it.  And then you might or might not notice that traffic is whizzing by next to you...and you might remember that cars cannot drive anywhere around the White House. You never know.  You might. Just sayin'.)

PSS (Tonight Hallie and I are chatting it up over at DSMA Live 'Rents! Be sure to stop by!)
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