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Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Puzzle Incident

You lay all the pieces out in front of you, and start piecing them together. 

One by one, a picture begins to fall into place. 

Every now and then, you run across a piece that you know is special. You can tell by the colors and the edges that it's going to be a turning point whenever you figure out where it fits. 

Sometimes you try cramming a piece in the wrong place, and need to walk away when you're frustrated that you can't make it fit. Losing a few puzzle pieces will ruin the entire project, but not realizing you've lost them makes it even worse.

Two weeks ago today, our whirlwind trip across country for JDRF Children's Congress and Friends For Life 2013 was coming to an end. It had been the experience of a lifetime, and I was excited to get home so I could dig through the pictures, and tell you guys all about it.

Somewhere between picking Sugar up from the Tween Social, and regrouping with pals at the pool, a table leg broke, and my puzzle slid into pieces on the floor in front of me. I won't go into details here, but you should know that my fallen puzzle experience was incredibly traumatizing. I wanted to sweep all the pieces back into the box and throw the entire thing away, because figuring out how to put everything back together felt too overwhelming.

It's taken a couple weeks to regain my footing. I've recovered much of my puzzle in that time, and realized the crash wasn't as detrimental as I first thought it would be. Instead of shattering into a million pieces, my puzzle fell in chunks. The majority has been pieced back into place, but the table leg is going to need some work. Going forward, I may refer to "The Puzzle Incident" from time to time, and thought I should vaguely mention it to add a little context.

So there you have it: The-Vague-Fallen-Puzzle-Incident-That-I-Do-Not-Feel-Like-Talking-About-And-I-Do-Not-Know-When-Or-If-I-Ever-Will  ...aka...  "The Puzzle Incident".

On the bright side, I think I'm ready to start blogging more about our awesome trip.

This is progress!

PS...Special thanks to my pals Tracy, Kris, and Heidi for dividing and conquering our Rosebuds while Mr. Rose and I enjoyed an amazing overnight date. We went to Scottsdale where we stayed in this super cute retro boutique hotel. We had a fantastic dinner at Fogo de Chao, and then decided to get a couple tattoos. (Betchya didn't know I'm wild like that, eh?!?!) 

Here's some pictures from our super fab night on the town...

At dinner, the bread basket was GF! (Made with yucca root flour.)

Thought provoking walls around every turn.
As a helicopter mechanic, Mr. Rose can't wear his wedding band to work. Problem solved!

My turn.

Life is a puzzle. Find your missing piece. -- Wendy Rose
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  1. And if sometimes you need friends to help prop up your table leg, we're happy to be there :D

  2. Glad you guys had such a great time. :)

  3. glad things are 'better' and time has given you perspective.

    lovin the ink, my fellow wild woman!

  4. Love the puzzle analogy! I'm super glad about the "chunking" :). Love you! Love the Roses!!


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