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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Media Blitz

She's an ordinary girl.

Go ahead. Ask her.

She'll rattle off a list of ordinary things she likes to do...and today's list may not be the same as tomorrow's list.  She's a free spirit in that way -- each day holds it's own joy.

When the press releases started flying about her selection as a delegate for the 2013 session of JDRF Children's Congress, she wasn't sure what to do with the energy.

"People want me to tell them about my diabetes?" she asked, tilting her head. In her world, pricking her fingertips, counting carbs, and wearing an insulin pump is ordinary.

"Well...they really want to hear more about Children's Congress, and talking about your diabetes is part of the story." I replied.

"Oh. Well, okay. I guess that makes sense, then."

Here's the Fox10 segment she did... You'll find her News Channel 12 interview here, and the 3TV spot here.

(FYI -- I will embed those videos if/when I find a code.)

This time next week, Children's Congress will be in full swing.  You can stay up-to-date by following hashtag #JDRFcc2013 on twitter, or keeping up with all the fun on Facebook.  Be sure to follow the JDRF Advocacy page!

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  1. Wow...Wow...Wow! Sugar did a wonderful job representing the whole type 1 diabetes community. Thank you for your passion in helping to find a cure for ALL OF US! I will be praying for everyone involved with Children's Congress and that the funding will be continued.

  2. Great job! The Children's Congress looks like quite the experience.
    What type of D supply bag does she have in the pic?

  3. You guys make me smile! Awesome job! xo

  4. She is a fantastic advocate and I'm so proud of and excited for you both!!!

  5. She did cute!! She looks so tall sitting there with the newscasters. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  6. And that's how you know you are raising her right - when she doesn't really recognize she's any different than any other kid! So awesome!

  7. Aaaaahhh - she's so CUTE! Great media coverage, and huge congrats! Excited to hear more about it.


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