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Monday, August 27, 2012

Dearest Daughters,




I can't believe my babies






When I was five...

I lived in Puerto Rico.
I had a special doll named Lane...she had blonde curly hair.

I spent the first half that year playing on the big rocks in the ocean
with my older brother, Mark.

I spent the second half mourning his loss.

When I was six...

I lived in Washington State.
My favorite thing to do was to play my mother's old 45's and dance around my room!

I won a chicken at a church picnic, and begged my parents to let me keep it.
I named him Lee.
My daddy built me a chicken coop in the backyard, 
and my mother chased that bird through a thick forest every time he got out.
Lee turned out to be a HUGE ROOSTER!
That didn't go over well with the neighbors,
so we found him a nice farm to live happily ever after.
Good-bye, Lee.

When I was nine...

I lived in the Philippines.
I used to wander around the base with my friends, eating coconuts and bananas
with colorful flowers in my hair.

Just a year before, my parents were blessed with an infant son.
Except he wasn't born yet.
There were rules and laws and whatnot.
So when he arrived, they were his foster parents at first.
Shortly after learning this baby would come to our home,
my mom found out she was pregnant.

They're 3 months and 21 days apart.
I can't imagine how lonely my life would have been without them!

Yes, my sweet girls...I used to be your age.
And it has been a complete joy to watch you grow up too!

August 27 • Day 7: When I was your age…
Write a letter to your child/ren starting off the with the phrase “When I was your age…” share a story of your own with them. Extra points if you record yourself reading it telegram-style!

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  1. Wendy, didn't know you lived in the Philippines! It's changed a LOT since you were nine! Those are such cute pictures of everyone. I am reminded of your story everytime we're around swimming pools. :( ... Kids grow up TOO fast!

  2. I love this...what a gift you have given your precious daughters!

  3. This is such a sweet letter (except for the obviously tragic part). I'm amazed at what a vivid memory you have!


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