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Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Conversation With God.

Um.  Hi There.'s me.


Every time we sit down for one of these chats, I find myself overwhelmed with gratitude.  My heart is overflowing with thanksgiving for the abundant blessings I encounter each day.  My husband, my children, our home.  I've been a wayward child at times, yet you have always loved me unconditionally.

Anyway, I know you're really busy.  I can only imagine what your desk must look like with all these prayer requests coming in.

It's just that...


I need to put in a request for a miracle.

I realize there is probably a wait list, but I was kind of hoping you could move this one to the top?

Because Ryan's situation needs just that...a miracle.

He has 4 sons to finish raising, and a wife to grow old with. There are a million memories still to be made, and at least another 40 (50, 60?) years left to enjoy them.  There are grandchildren yet to be seen, and advances in diabetes technology that are still to be witnessed.  It seems impossible to believe that this is happening...that not only does this family have THREE children with Type 1 Diabetes, but now Ryan's brain, lungs, and abdomen have all been invaded with Metastatic Melanoma.

Your Word instructs us to bring our petitions to you.  So here I am.  Here we are.  Petitioning with every fiber of our beings.  I know I'm not alone.  People from around the world are crying out on Ryan's behalf.

I'm reminded of David and Daniel.  You rescued each of them from impossible situations: Goliath and the lion's den.  Just as Shadrach, Meshac, and Abednego walked out of the fire unharmed, we know that you are capable of delivering Ryan from these flames. Countless others bare witness to your miraculous intervention, and I believe YOU can rescue Ryan from his cancer as well.

We earnestly pray that Ryan's miracle will be part of your plan as we stand in witness to your power, mercy, and strength.  Ryan has an army of prayer warriors behind him.  The paralyzed man  had a group of friends who never gave up.  As such, we shall follow their example, and never give up either.

Please walk beside Ryan and his family throughout this journey.  Comfort them with a blanket of love and grace as they travel through the challenging days ahead.  When we look at the statistics, it's overwhelming.  When we look at the history of this disease, the toll it's taken on so many lives, and the limited treatment options available, our human hearts cannot help but to become overwhelmed and anxious.

It is clear that all of our hope is in YOU.

You're the only way out of this chaos.

And, in that truth, there is peace.


You can follow Ryan's progress and get regular updates HERE.  There has also been a giving page established where you can provide a love offering HERE.
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  1. You keep talking with G-d, because you know just the right words to say. This was perfect!

  2. This was so beautifly said. It's so hard to wait for a response.

  3. Thank you for letting us be a fly on the wall for your conversation with God. I know that He is listening!

  4. Oh wow that sounds such a difficult and sad situation. All my prayers to Ryan.

  5. Great post, Wendy. I'm joining in the prayers - I'll be there to help "carry the mat" from this side of the country.


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