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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black and White

Date of admission: 7/25/05. Diagnosis: Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Age: 24 months.

And there it is. The moment our life changed...on paper.

I'm not sure why it took me so long. After all, you might think that I'd want to bring this information with us since we moved across country about 6 months after her diagnosis.

But, I didn't want to read it. I was afraid of the emotion it would evoke to see a description of her frightening state of health in black and white...or the note about her "helicopter transport at 1000 feet"...or page after page of mind boggling numbers.

Surprisingly, it didn't spark the fury of tears that I expected. Instead, it just reminded me how truly blessed we are that Sugar is alive and well today. It gave me encouragement to see how far we've come. It gave me peace knowing that she was in the best hands possible at the worst time in her life. Most of all, it reminded me to treasure every moment, because NO ONE is entitled to - or guaranteed - another tomorrow

Every day truly is a gift.

No doubt, Sugar will want to read through this one day. I'll keep it safe and sound, tucked away until she tells me she's ready.

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  1. You are very brave! I have thought about reading my daughter's medical records, but right now that day is too fresh in my memory...maybe someday.

  2. I just got my papers last year from my pediatrician's office from when I was diagnosed. Though it didn't say much, it does seem to make it more "real"... to see it on paper, not just having the memory of what happened. And she will want to read through it one day, along with your stories of what happened and how you felt and all (which is why blogging is GREAT!).

  3. I would almost be too afraid to read mine even after 21 years! Perhaps because I was around the same age as Sugar when I was diagnosed so I don't really remember life without it. We should all feel grateful because we have our health and a multitude of advancing technology to help us control this disease. AND researchers are continuously making new strides in diabetes care :)

  4. I don't think I even have Joe's. Sarah is right. She will want to read it someday (I bet) AND...the blogging is fantastic. Dave had my blog made into a book for Christmas. I'll have to wait and let Joe read it when he is like 18 b/c of my X-rated language. LOL. Love to you and your family Wendy. xo


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