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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Looks Like We Made It

Between you and me...

I had some Halloween anxt.

I was seriously stressing about getting it all done.

I needed some gluten-free pumpkin pie (PS...I ended up making THIS  pumpkin cobbler using Jules Gluten Free Flour.  Call me lazy, but I just wasn't up for rolling out a pie crust.  Besides, my cobbler was better than pie!) so Sugar could participate in a pumpkin tasting.  I also needed a round gluten-free sugar cookie for yesterday's cookie decorating party.  Which also meant I'd need to order some gluten-free licorice so her cookie could be turned into an edible spider.

There was plenty of measuring, weighing, and carb counting (guessing) along the way.

On Halloween morning, I went to the pumpkin patch with Tiara's kindergarten class.  I was there for most of the fun stuff, but then had to leave a little early so I could book it back to Sugar's class before the cookie frenzy.  I was nervous about the frosting.  I just wasn't sure she'd use it all (and she didn't) it was a PE day, and I had heard a rumor about a fire drill.

It's crazy to think that something like FROSTING would send me racing home like a mad woman.  But it did.  I really only trust my SWAG (scientific wild assed guess) skills for that kind of stuff.

Ahhh...but we made it.

Three hours later she was ready to grab her pillow case, 
and fill it to the brim with trick or treating.

Another Halloween down...
a lifetime to go.

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  1. that's awesome. You are quite the how is your finding time for yourself at the gym going? We mama's need to remember ourselves a bit too. And BTW Ethan had to print out pics for being student of the week and he wanted to include one of your beloved eldest daughter, he said and I quote, "She's the prettiest nicest girl I've ever met!" How sweet is that - and tell Mr. Rose to not worry, yet!

  2. Just wonderful - you worked really hard to make sure she did everything the other kids did. You are one AWESOME Mama! Love the # too!

  3. way to ROCK it Wendy!! Awesome!! that spider cookie is totally cute too :o)

  4. i really admire you. i hope your daughter had a fantastic time, the treats are amazing!!


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