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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Day Apidra Died

It was the wee hours of Day 5.

Our Novolog sites easily made it 3-5 days, and I wanted to see if Apidra held up as long.

Apparently not.

Note to self:  Change Apidra sites on Day 3-4.


So there you have it.

The day we started.
The experience.
The end.

More on our APIDRA experience...
The day we started.
The experience.
The trial end.
The 6 week review.
The verdict.

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  1. That is pretty cool, though - you can see exactly where it stopped working! CRazy. :)

  2. We just tried Apidra for a couple of weeks and had the same experience. It would give out, sometimes in less than 3 days, so we had middle of the night set changes. Not fun! I hoped Apidra would make life easier, but it felt like the opposite. Since going back to Novolog, our daughter's BGs seem calmer. (Our T1D daughter is 8 and has celiac too, so I doubly like your blog!) Good luck!

  3. Hey, sorry about the high, but at least now you know what works for her. Hope she's come back down within range :0)

  4. Yes, this is what happens. Apidra is only guaranteed -- if that is the right word -- to work in the pump for two days, not three. She will often have a normal BS at 3am and then be 300 at 6am Day 2.5 but usually will easily go 3 days. So we sometimes do get caught unawares. She would be very unhappy changing sites every two days, Since the sites last 75 percent of the time for three days, I leave site changes to three days. I would not attempt to wait for 4 days; I think the site would usually fail at that point. Apidra is still worth it, though. But they can go really high, really fast.

  5. I've been keeping up with all your updates on your apidra experiment. Very informative...thanks for sharing! Hope she continues on a good trend with it!

  6. Wow! You are brave to venture into day 5 territory! Knowledge is power though! Glad you got some answers. :)

  7. you crack me up - and now you know, right ?!


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