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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tink To The Rescue

0700 Saturday morning.

I had worked until 2 am, and somehow found myself in Sugar's bed...except she wasn't with me.  All three girls were in the family room, sprawled in various recliners.  Musical Beds is a common theme over here.  I'm not exactly sure why, but some nights it seems like we all end up somewhere other than where we started.

But I digress.

So...I was sleeping soundly and vaguely heard a little voice telling me that Sugar needed to be tested.

"Mommy, she feels low."



I remember thinking I needed to get up right then and there, but simultaneously thinking that I'd deal with it later.

WHATEVER!  Like you can just DECIDE to put a low blood sugar on hold for a bit...what the heck?  "Oh, yes Mr. Low Blood Sugar, I realize you could cause a seizure, brain damage, or death.  But I'll be with you in a minute.  I'm in the middle of a great dream right now."

Anyway, I didn't get up.

I heard some rustling in the kitchen, and slowly started waking up a little more.

Then I realized what was happening.

I threw off the covers, shot straight up, and bumped my head on the top bunk.  I made a mad dash to the family room to find Sugar on the couch with her testing supplies, and Tink standing on the counter, trying to reach a juice box from the top shelf.

Apparently, Tink (who is 4) completely jumped into action when I didn't get up right away.  She knew exactly what her sister needed!  She knows how to check her sister's blood sugar, and was planning to help Sugar test, after opening a juice box.  Her little brain assessed the situation, and prioritized which task needed to be done first.

Sugar's BG was 59.

Well done, Tink.  I'm so proud of you!
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  1. Tink is my HERO! Please give her a fist bump from her Vermont Auntie.

  2. Smartest 4yr old EVER!!!! Thank goodness for caring sisters, sleep deprivation and "D" don't mix. So glad everyone is okay, GO TINK!!!!! :)

  3. This is the most adorable AND intelligent thing I've read in awhile. Your little hero :) Allowing mommy to sleep in a wee bit.

  4. This is exactly why Tink is marrying my Superhero! :-)

    Way to go Tink!

  5. Oh my goodness, Tink is a real live superhero!!! Great job, Tink!!

  6. Precious! And, thank you for admitting what I am sure many of US do . . . .wake up slowly and reluctantly Also your comment about the merry-go-round beds?! A constant battle on our home. I love it when I can commiserate with another Mama!!!! Go Timk!

  7. Tink, you rock!

    Wendy, you are doing such a good job raising such awesome superhero kids! :)

  8. WOW!!! you have the smartest sweetest kids. lets face it, sometimes you are just SO tired, you cant wake up immediately and your daughter took initiative. its hard to beleive shes only 4, what a clever cookie!

  9. What a blessing! Tink rocks!!

    I've missed you. We're back from our trip. Thanks for your prayers. Overall, it was better than I expected!

  10. What a wonderful post!! Way to go Tink!!! I absolutely love hearing D-sibling stories...they are incredible kiddos! Also, totally hear ya on the musical beds thing...AND...the half asleep half awake low BG time to get up and test dilemma...ugh.

  11. Way to go Tink! That's so awesome, Sugar is lucky to have her!

  12. Nothing like a sister to look out for you! High Five for Tink!!

  13. High five, Tink!!!! That's sisterly love and sisterly smarts in action!! Love it!!

  14. Good Job Tink! I always think that it's crazy how much my 4 year old son knows about T1D, but he helps take care of his sister too. It's a family affair. I'm proud of these sweet, smart kids we all have. (I slept through my 3am alarm this morning, only to jump right out of bed at 4am and run to check my girl, she was a perfect 107, but I felt bad about sleeping through the alarm, glad to know I'm not the only tired mama out there!)


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