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Friday, October 7, 2011

No D Day -- What I Learned: An Ode To Facebook.

The DOC is comprised of some really amazing people.

There are mothers,
And nurses,
And ones who love purses.

A theater buff,
And single parents
Who are tuff.

Football lovers,
And ones dressed as elves,
Ones Who Paint,
And also build shelves.

There are ones who love pets.
Snakes, ducks, and dogs,
One who loves yarn,
And a few who jog.

One who was robbed,
And another knew delinquents.
One was a nanny,
And another won pageants!

Two mamas who hunt (!!),
And a few long time lovers.
Twenty year graduates,
And friendships discovered.

One thing is clear,
It's plain to see.
We come from all over,
But we're related through D.

And so, my friends,
Please never forget
You aren't alone,
It's a blessing we've met.

* Identities have been hidden to protect those who may have disclosed sensitive information*

Wendy Rose
Today is NO D DAY! Sooooo....tell me something interesting about yourself without mentioning the "D" at all :)

    • Wendy Rose I'll start....I took 12 years of professional voice lessons and wanted to be on Broadway. I went to nursing school so that I could have a skill to support myself while waiting for my big moment. Let's just say I never made it to Broadway :)
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I also went to Nursing School got my BS and then decided after my first child to stay home and be a mom nursing would always be there but my kids would grow up :) I have three kids A 11, B 7 and C 2
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • My distant cousin (my grandmother's brother's granddaughter) is married to Robe Lowe.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  12 peopleReply
    • I worked as an Elf once in Santas Grotto, I was young and needed the money for Christmas lol.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  6 peopleReply
    • I picked mushrooms for a living for 3 years. Still cant stand the smell of those things! LOL
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I like to hunt and shot a Moose a few years ago . Organic, local, lean protein right there.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I used to deer hunt and got a 250 lb., 8 point buck once.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • Something interesting is at times I can be an extreme couponer :) I was really into this summer but lack the time right now to get back into it. We have a HUGE stock pile of items in the basement.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  7 peopleReply
    • I worked at a gas station when I was 15 and was robbed by some man with a machete. But we caught him! Yet, my parents still let me work at that place for 6 more months!
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I graduated w/ a BS in Criminal Justice.. Did an internship with juvenile probationers on a mountain in Arizona. Had to live in a tent for a month! While we were there, some convicts escaped and were loose on the mountain. Needless to say I slept with a knife under my pillow!
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • we watch a programme about extreme couponers, you guys save massive amounts of money, I wish we could do that in the UK.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • I have mad mom skills, cooking skills, camera skills, juggling skills, gardening skills, ninja skills (I'm great at getting around in the dark!)... My weaknesses are Pinterest, the dollar section at Target, and chocolate. My nemesis is Dirty Laundry and its evil sidekick Piles of Clean Laundry. And the shirt I'm wearing today is the same shirt I was wearing yesterday.
      11 hours ago ·  ·  7 peopleReply
    • I went t college for law enforcement but work In an accounting firm. I spent so much time in the court system that I could play a lawyer in tv. I play a nurse in real life... :)
      11 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • My life revolves completely around my kids. I'm a Stay at home mom AKA - life manager :) I cook , clean , do laundry , volunteer at the school, drive EVERYWHERE , I love jewelry , high heels , makeup and great jeans :) I sympathy cry and it's not pretty. But most of all I am a Disney fanatic !! We go a least 5 times a year to the happiest place on earth. If I could live anywhere I would choose Dallas Texas or San Diego CA . I have been to Ethiopia , Egypt and Europe , from Canada but now a legal voting citizen of the U.S.A !!!! :) .
      11 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I am originally from Florida and have lived in San Diego for almost 11 years. My husband and I have two kids, ages 6 and 4. I am a freelance web designer, so I am very lucky to still have an income but be home with my kids every day, although I spend way too much time on my laptop! I LOVE football and fall is my favorite season.
      11 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • I curated all the art and music events for the cafe I owned with my husband. We had a secret show one night/art opening and all of REM (minus Michael Stipe!) performed as did Robyn Hitchcock and members of The Presidents of The United States of America and The Young Fresh Fellows...It was one of the best nights ever as the proprietress!
      11 hours ago ·  ·  9 peopleReply
    • This weekend is my 20th high school reunion which I led the planning! I can't believe it is finally here but I still can't believe I am old enough for a 20th reunion! Yikes!
      11 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    •  I love carpentry work and painting and making our home look good. This spring and summer I put new siding on part of the garage, and climed ladders and painted the front and one other side of my house.
      11 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I am a devoted wife & mother. I have two kids. I own a cleaning business,,,,yes I LOVE to clean! I lost my mom when I was only 19 so family is VERY important to me. My husband & I have been married for 19 yrs. I love being an Aunt. I will welcome a new one in March 2012! I love couponing. I am a penny pincher so it fits me well! My favorite place to be is home sweet home! What a great idea this was Wendy Rose!
      10 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I used to play keyboard in a reggae band. Before that I dreamed of going to Africa and living in the jungle and studying Chimps like Jane Goodall. I was getting my BA in Anthropology before I met my husband and quit school. Now I have a degree in Special education. I still dream of going to Africa some day.
      10 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I'm the worst mom ever this morning..... I was so tired I forgot my Tooth Fairy Job last night. My heart sank this morning when my 6 year old came running with her tooth in a bag this morning. Ugh Bad Mommy. I had to tell her that maybe it wasn't clean enough for the tooth fairy to take it. I'm a mother of 4 kids under the age 6, I say home and love our chaos! The most important thing is family, I love it when all my family comes over to my house and all the cousins get to run and play.
      10 hours ago via mobile ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • I am barefoot 99.9% of the time and I hate shoes.
      10 hours ago ·  ·  6 peopleReply
    • I don't wanna go to Hawaii or the Bahamas or Aruba ~ I wanna go to Disney World. . .right now!!! lol
      10 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I am 43 yrs old live in Illinois, live in a very very small town. Worked at a company as a cordinator for 15 yrs and the place closed so I decided to stay home. I now have an in home daycare and also help my husband, he has his own plumbing business. We have been married 20yrs and have 3 children, 18yr old, 14 yr old and a 8 yr old. Stay very busy with everything,. Would love to be able to be on FB more but just not enough hours in the day for me to do everything. I love to shop, decorating my house with crafts and etc. and go to my kids sports activities and most of all be with family and 1 more thing, love to scrapbook. I loved living in the small town but after being married for 10 yrs we built our new home in the country and that is where we still are. We are only a few miles from town. This post was a great idea!!!
      9 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • As a teen and college summers I packed sardines, well they actually are herring before processing, to buy clothes and school books. I love to read. No matter the weather I have to spend a few minutes outside each day..rain & snow I don't go far from the front steps but it is just a necessity (eccentricity?) of mine. I have 3 biological children all grown, and coming up on 10 years of raising J, 14 & B, 12, our niece's children, and we proudly have 3 grandsons.
      9 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • I have the worst fear of spiders. It's awful. Of course I live in the in Idaho (aka spider central) AND my office is sandwiched between an empty field and a plant nursery. Oh the fun and joy 8(
      9 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • I am a single parent of three children B 11, P 8, & L 6. I live in Australia but would love to take my children to the US one day and show them where I worked as a nanny many yrs ago.
      I am currently a Mental Health Recovery Nurse in an ECT unit.

      9 hours ago via mobile ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • I am really a goof ball. LOVE being a mom probably b/c I am one of 6 kids myself. My parents have been married 52 years and are still so squishy in love! Oh.. I love cartoons. Especially the old Looney Toons.
      8 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • Oh, I LOVE the library and read alot.. have tattoos that actually mean something.
      8 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I have a pet corn snake
      8 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • you have a snake?? OMGosh!! I have a black lab who is my third child! ;0)
      7 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • I am a stay at home mom for 19 years. I have 4 kids, ages 19,18,12 and 11. We have 2 dogs and 4 pet Pekin ducks. I love to bake, read, hike, watch movies etc. Missed my calling at being a nurse...well, in some way, I am :)
      7 hours ago ·  ·  6 peopleReply
    • I am a master hair colorist who works at an upscale salon for 14 years but since having my kids I only work 15 hours a week. I LOVE being a mom and wife:) I married my high school sweetheart and we just celebrated 8 years of marriage. I love to cook and bake... and also eat!
      6 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • I am a qualified Nursery Nurse, used to work as a full time Nanny! I am now a stay at home Mum to my 4 children aged 15 (nearly 16 now) 11, 6 and 4 years. My hubby and I have been together for 22 yeasr, and married for 18! I love to read and I LOVE facebook!!!
      6 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • i live in CO, mother of 2. Besides my little family I love art, music, my garden, my bicycle, the smell of lavender, and books (real not "e") I love to sleep with the windows open and I take a bubble bath every night. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.........
      6 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply
    • your ducks beat my snake! LOL

      I'll have to post you all o video of the snake and cat trying to lure each other. They are each convinced they can take the other out.

      6 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • Okay I used to be an office manager for a substance abuse/mental illness referral agency! That was extremely interesting. I had worked there for 7 years and then it was just time to go. I became a stay at home mother of 3 kids for the next nine years. I currently worked part time at the school as the ISS supervisor and office aide. I enjoy may family and all that I'm blessed with. I'm extemely happy that I found some caring friends on facebook :) (((huggers)))
      3 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • we love those ducks. Bought them when they were 2 days old. Had them for 2 years now. We had 6 of them, but 2 were ambushed by a fox :( They look just like the "Affleck" Duck :)
      2 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • Wendy, voice lessons? I had no idea...can't wait to hear you sing one day!

      3 things you may not know about me: 1) Before kids...I taught first grade, kindergarten and title 1 reading.
      2) My great grandmother babysat Judy Garland when she was young.
      3) My cousin writes country music-many popular songs you hear on the radio are his!

      about an hour ago via mobile ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I love raw onions! They make everything yummier!
      57 minutes ago · Reply
    • My first job at 18 was a nursing assistant. I loved it!!! I was one for 5 years. I won “favorite nurse award“ every other week for years. I was a nanny for years before i had my own children and LOVED it!!! I went to college and became a veterinary technician, and then decided i would rather be a “people nurse“ rather than animal nurse, by then i married and started having chilldren. And became a stay at home mom. I, like A, missed my calling as a nurse:( I love completely and am a good friend. Im a good listener and very loyal. I lived through years of domestic violence, and nearly died at the hands of my ex husband. Im a survivor!
      8 minutes ago via mobile · Reply

Today is NO D DAY! Sooooo....tell me something interesting about yourself without mentioning the "D" at all :)

    • * insert jeopardy music here*
      12 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply

    • Wendy Rose Come on, I know you have something juicy to spill :)
      12 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • I'm obsessed with theatre....oh wait, everyone already knows that. ;)
      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply

    • Wendy Rose I took 12 years of professional voice and planned to make it big on Broadway one day. I went to nursing school so that I'd have a skill to fall back on while waiting for my "big moment". Never went to Broadway.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • That's still awesome Wendy. :) I have zilch talent, I just love watching.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • Wow Wendy! You should audition for the X Factor :)
      12 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I tried for seven years to have a baby with my first husband, after giving up and divorcing him because he wanted biological children, I met my new husband who had two children. I married him after two months of knowing him. Two years later I found out I was pregnant with my beautiful princess. Now my older 2 step kids are mine through adoption and they want another sister or brother... I'm very blessed
      12 hours ago ·  ·  5 peopleReply

    • I'm adopted. :) It's amazing.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • I like cupcakes.
      12 hours ago ·  ·  6 peopleReply
    • I love that Wendy! I went to performing arts school since age 6, did some modeling, and singing as well.

      I actually auditioned for Interview with a Vampire. But was too "ethnic" looking lol!

      11 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • I have a slight yarn addiction.
      11 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • Let's see..D has been a part of my whole entire married life since my hubs was dxd a year into it, but when that isn't consuming me, I love sports and music and shopping and teaching (more like herding) 2 year olds!
      11 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • I paid for my entire undergrad education with scholarships won, by competing in pageants.
      11 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I see little people all day. ;)
      10 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I met my husband at his bakery. He owned it and I was the counter girl. He asked me out the first week I began working. I said no. I ended up asking him out 6 months later...he said no. Then he called back 5 minutes later and said yes. We have been best friends ever since. ♥
      10 hours ago ·  ·  6 peopleReply
    • OMGosh all of this is amazing. I'm so boring!! All I can think of is I love the little things in life, they make me smile :)
      9 hours ago ·  ·  4 peopleReply
    • I wanted to be a pediatrician when I was little, but later decided I really wanted to be a teacher. I was homeschooled from 1st grade on & graduated from college the week before I turned 18. I got married a year later and have been happily married for 12 years now. I am homeschooling my kiddos now & have had 3 awesome kids. My first born daughter passed away at 5 years old. I now have two earth bound sweeties.
      9 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • I used to faint almost at the sight of blood and would Never Ever have thought I would be a nurse but last yr I finished my Diploma of Nursing and am currently a Mental Health Recovery Nurse in an ECT unit.
      9 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I've known my hubby since I was 8 yes old, we went to high school together. Been married 26 yrs. 5 children, 1 grandson, & lots of laughter. He's been crack'n me up almost my entire life. LOL
      9 hours ago ·  ·  3 peopleReply
    • OOoOoO and I used to have a needle phobia - lol
      8 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • Me too!!
      8 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • def doesn't mix w/ what we are not supposed to mention today - lol
      8 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • I met my future hubby in jr. high and we never hung out...only to find out on Facebook 19 years later that I was his high school crush...he's moving here in January and I couldn't be happier now that we have worked out all of our long distance kinks.
      8 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I'm supposed to be at a reunion with you tomorrow, but I don't think either of us are going! Go Warriors!! :0)
      7 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply

    • Wendy Rose Yes...another little known tidbit -- Jennifer and I graduated together from La Plata High School in La Plata, MD -- Class of 1991. Nineteen years later we connected on FB because of .... that "thing" I won't mention :) Happy 20th, Jennifer! WARRIORS ROCK!
      6 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • That's funny because one year my oldest child with the thing was at a camp for kids like him. His best friend there was B, a boy from Milwaukee. Found out later that B's mom and I went to HS together!
      6 hours ago · Reply
    • I now live 1 mile from my best friend from High School (1976). We went to HS in California and both now live in Nevada. It was totally a coincidence since I had moved all over the country before settling into Las Vegas 10 years ago. Yup we are best friends again!
      6 hours ago · Reply
    • When I was 18 years old I packed up my stuff and left my home and parents in Montana and moved to Phoenix for a job with America West Airlines. That was a scary move, but that's where I met my husband, so I believe it was meant to be :-)
      6 hours ago · Reply
    • I was dressed like Madona(like back in the 80's Madona) yesterday for work. I even teased out me hair. Not sure if thats interesting or just plain weird :/
      5 hours ago ·  ·  2 peopleReply
    • I have an addiction to changing my hair. I go from blonde to black & every shade in between in cycles. Until it's all ruined and I have to cut it and it all starts again. I don't remember the last time I went more than a couple of weeks without dying it. Never try to recognize me by my hair.
      5 hours ago · Reply
    • I once ate a live goldfish on a dare!
      5 hours ago ·  ·  1 personReply
    • I met my husband when I was 14 in jr high and he was a freshman in high school. we were Just friends till i was 20 and he was 21 but I always had the biggest crush on him all those years we have been together for 18 yrs and married for 14, we have 5 kids and are each others best friends.
      2 hours ago · Reply

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  1. Brilliant idea! It's true - most times we have no idea how interesting other people are...


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