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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mr. Rose

I guess he noticed.

The Hubs.

I guess he noticed that it's been over a week since my last blog post...

I know that my lovely Mrs. CandyHearts has been busy, with - well - attending to the family (and me, Mr. Rose).  So, since I happen to have about 20 minutes of down time, I figured I would post a blog to all her blogging buddies.
You see, you get to see the things she usually posts, and she does a great job in being transparent and honest with all of you. However, before now I have asked to avoid using me in her posts as much as possible. I do this because, I don’t ever want to take away her time to do what she does best.  It’s what I call “being the one who listens and helps”.  She does this far better than me. I can be a little more salt than light. No frills, just action and to the point. Get the idea?  My filter is usually not set at “gentle”.
With that being said, I gave her permission to write a post about me, and what my journey with T1D and Celiac is like from a father's point-of-view.  But, I think she may need your help. Sooooo, how about a few of you brainstorm together and come up with some questions that you would like to know about me (Mr. Rose) and then I will co-author a blog post with my wonderful wife, passing on my answers.

Whatta ya say?
Don’t worry, I have super thick skin and if none ya’s want to know, I would completely understand. 

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  1. How do you and Wendy "split" Sugar's care? I know it is most likely dynamic...but the basic routine. AND... can you touch on the grief stages that you endured during the diagnoses of Type 1 and Celiac for Sugar...AND...the Celiac diagnosis that was given to Wendy. Thank you! xo

  2. What is your biggest fear of living with T1D?

  3. What's the hardest part for you personally as a dad of a T1, GF sweetie-pie?

  4. Hello Mr. Rose,
    I was wondering how T1 has changed you (maybe one positive and one negative) as a husband and father.

  5. 1. How do you support Wendy with all that she takes on?

    2. Do you mind eating gluten free?

  6. How does your view/feelings/outlook of diabetes differ from your wife's?

  7. Do you feel like you've lost the woman you've married? I imagined growing old with my wife, but lately I can't stand her.

    I've tried being supportive, but she just gets angry with me when I don't do things the way she does. I'd rather not participate in any of our son's care instead of having her treat me like I can't do anything right.

  8. Do you think your journey has been different than Wendy's?

    What impact have diabetes and celiac had on your father-daughter relationship with Sugar? Does your relationship with her differ than the relationships you have with your other girls because of diabetes?

  9. Are there any parts of D you rather not "deal with"? Or have Wendy take care of?

    And when are y'all coming back to Vegas!? :)

  10. How has diabetes affected your diet? Do you (over?) enjoy foods outside of the home that are usually not available at home now?
    How about support system; what have you two done together to build a support system despite medical complications?
    How do you plan date nights, who finds the dedicated trained babysitters?
    What are the most positive/negative changes that have occurred since d/celiacs have entered your lives?
    You really miss WA, don't you?!

  11. I love this idea and since all of my questions have been asked already I will anxiously await this amazing soon to be post!

  12. I love this idea too, and I'm curious to what your answers will be to the questions from Meri and Anonoymous. Sometimes I wonder if my husband feels the way that Anonymous feels, maybe I didn't think my hubbys feelings were quite that harsh, but now that I've read that I'll worry about it even more. Acutually I don't think my husband quite feels that way, but what I really worry about is that if I don't find a way to "simmer down" he will start feeling like that.

    Also, Do you feel like you could take care of Sugar by yourself if your wife was gone for a day or two? or Would you feel completly annoyed if you were taking care of Sugar by yourself and Wendy called you every 2 hours looking for a report?


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