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Monday, August 22, 2011


I put her hair in pincurls.

We've never done it before.  She used to have REALLY tight curls that have relaxed quite a bit since it's grown longer.  Secretly, I wanted to reclaim some of those soft spirals that used to cover her head.

It didn't work out.

We ended up with frizz.

Ah, well.   Plan B it is, I guess.

She had a pump site in her arm...and she took it off in the bath.  She forgot it wasn't site change day.  I wanted to put it back in the other arm, but she argued.  So we settled with her tummy.

Ah, yes.

Plan B.

Her BFF's grandmother had happily agreed to take Tink and Tiara for the day.  I was going to drop them off on the way...oh, but they were bickering and fussing and doing all the things that kids do when their mommy needs to focus on something else.

The hair, the site, packing the stuff.....she heard my cry for help and swooshed over in a flash to take them off my hands earlier than planned.  (LOVE HER!)

Plan B.

Then I had an appointment to get my make up done.  I've NEVER had my make up done professionally (not even on my wedding day), but figured it would be a nice confidence booster....since....well, you know....we were going to be on *LIVE TV* and all.

We waited for half an hour.  She didn't show up.

Plan B.

There were detours for road construction, and more U-turns than I can count....

But we made it to the ABC 15 studio on time!!!!

We did a LIVE segment about Type 1 Diabetes...
Unfortunately, I can't embed it here, because it keeps linking to the other segment we did.
(more on that in a second)
You can check out the Type 1 article and video HERE.

In case you're wondering why there was a kitty litter box next to the couch,
it's because I brought this to use as a visual...

But the minutes went too fast, and I didn't get a chance to point it out to the camera.

Moving on....

I also taped a segment that aired a few days later about Celiac Disease...
(You can check out that article and video HERE.)

It was a really neat experience.  Sugar and I had a lot of fun, and she totally lived it up in the green room.  She dimmed the lights, helped herself to some water from the fridge, kicked off her shoes, and found iCarly on TV for all the guests to watch while we waited.  

Everyone was so kind.

From the security staff to the camera and lighting crews to our hostess to the numerous faces behind the scenes.  It was hard to be nervous with so many smiling faces around every corner.


Before I go, I wanted to mention one last thing...

Candy Hearts has been nominated for "Best Kids Health Blog" at

There are several T1 Blogs represented in this category, and it would be awesome if we could take a sweep of the top spots.  It would send a message loud and clear to Parents Magazine that they need to feature an article about T1!

At the time this post is being written, Candy Hearts is the only blog that is also representing Celiac PLEASE take a few minutes to CAST YOUR VOTE to help encourage some gluten-free advocacy as well.

I'll be honest.

It's going to be a pain to vote.

You have to register an email address...but the good news is that you can actually vote for more than one blog, so if you've already voted, you wouldn't need to register again.

I know it's asking a lot.

I'd be completely honored if you'd consider it.

Thanks in advance :)

From my CANDY HEART to yours,
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  1. I tried that on Leighanna's hair once... had just about the same result :/

    Great job on your TV debut :)

  2. Have you tried sponge curlers? The pink ones? We used to use those in my hair.

    Love the TV spots, you both did amazing!

    And, I voted for you. :)

  3. Oh so awesome!!! You are quite the stars. :)

  4. You were SO fabulous on TV! Really! I'm not just saying that because you're my friend. :) You rocked it!!!! And you looked great, too!!!

    Madeline has the same hair. I miss the curls, too!

    I voted. :)

  5. Wendy you rock! I watched both segments and it was so wonderful to see and hear you making an impact with your time and words. I love knowing there are people like you representing our loved ones - thanks a million for doing these things for all of us :)

  6. Ah Wendy, you guys were fantastic! I frequently pinch myself...I am so incredibly fortunate to have connected with you and the others in the DOC. You inspire me, I learn from you, I am comforted by you. xo

  7. amazing post! amazing video spots! thank you for sharing Wendy!

  8. I love how you always rock the plan B! You are just amazing like that!

    Thanks for sharing the video ---- I hadn't seen the 2nd one and you know how I love watching you. Kind of in a creepy stalker way! :)

    PS - I voted for you from all of my browsers. You go Mama!


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