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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dear Desert Heat,

For the record, I realize that we chose to live here.

Sort of.

I mean, we were going to lose our health insurance, so we needed to do SOMEthing.  The Hubs found a job here with great  The details don't really matter.

The thing is...I'm sick of you.

Sorry to be blunt.

But you make getting in the car so flippin' harder than it needs to be.  Do you know how complicated it can be to shuffle 3 kids out the door?  Thanks to you, they MUST have shoes on too, because the ground is WAY TOO HOT for them to deal with getting their shoes on en route. (What?  Am I the only one who deals with shoes in the car, especially when in a hurry?  Ehum, once said shoes have been FOUND, that is.)  By they time we're all out of the house (with shoes on), the car is so hot, it feels like we might die. The little buckles for the seat belts practically cause second degree burns, and the steering wheel feels like it's on fire.

(As a public service announcement, and for the record, do NOT -- I REPEAT DO NOT -- leave glow bracelets in the car when it's 115 degrees.  They explode.)

The whining that commences while the air is blowing at it's max is enough to drive me batty.

Look, Kids.  I know you're hot.  I'm hot too.  The freaking car thermometer is reading at 121. Let's not talk about it.  Let's all just sit quietly and stare out the window with gratitude that we have a car.

(Okay, maybe that's not EXACTLY what I'm thinking, but you get it.)

When I turn on my faucet, there isn't any cold water.  I couldn't take a cold shower if I wanted to right now. Everything melts.  The produce spoils faster.  We can't even take the dog for a walk, because A) It's too hot for humans and B) The ground burns her paws.  We find scorpions inside our house. (Have you met Fran?)  Good grief, it's already over 100 by 9 am everyday.

Anyway, in particular, I'm not a big fan of what you do to insulin.  Mr. Rose is the ever-efficient-electric-bill-paying-man over here, and he wants the house set at 80 all summer. Electricity is EXPENSIVE during the day, so we try not to use laundry, no dishes, no lights, hardly any TV...but we canNOT turn the air off.

No way.

Mama would DIE.

(Yes, I realize that 80 is less than 115, but 80 is still HOT.)

When you live inside a house that's 80 degrees and your child's life depends on insulin, you become very mindful of the difference between 80 and 86.  Insulin spoils at 86.  So, really, you only have a 5 degree variant.  But....if you're cooking, and the kitchen -- where you keep a vial of insulin at "room temperature" to decrease the risk of air bubbles in the pump -- gets hotter than than the area around the 5 or 6 degrees.....

Well, then you have high blood sugars to deal with...and all that jazz.

Yes.  I know I can keep that vial in the fridge.

But I'd rather keep the house at 75.

And fast forward to October.

Just sayin'.

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  1. well, I won't complain about the 87 degree weather we are finally getting (& I thought I was melting!) You could always come back here!!!!
    btw, I always keep our insulin in the fridge and have never had a pump bubble issue.

  2. And we have the opposite here in the winter...temps anywhere from -20 to -50. I've been known to stuff insulin inside my pants (TMI...sorry) in order to make sure it doesn't get too cold!!! I get it...totally...just on the opposite end of the spectrum...but for some crazy reason...I still love Alaska!!

  3. I'm telling you, the house two doors down from us is up for sale. You'd be more than welcome in my neighborhood! MN is great! Or at least that's what I tell people...maybe I'm telling you that because I'm lonely and would love to have a nice, young family move in next door. And bonus: we don't have scorpions! Centipedes, but no scorpions!

  4. I never thought of it that way. I mean, we get heat waves here that could last a week or two where the temps are well above 100F. At those times I have to be careful of my insulin if I'm outside too much. But I never thought of what it's like to live in weather that's like that ALL summer. I know it's difficult. Boy I don't think I'd ever like to live in the desert.

  5. I'm with Cindy...there are a few nice ones for sale around, me, coffee, tea, the back porch...better yet...WINE!!!! Bummer on the heat. My husband would DIE. He hates to be hot and he would not be impressed with 80 degrees in the house. He is a "70 guy".


  6. AMEN...amen....amen. I just can't take this heat anymore!!!

  7. Change the title to Dear Texas and you've got my life this summer.

    We had a brief front blow through last night and the temp went down to about 86. It felt downright CHILLY!

    I'm with you Wendy, fall cannot come soon enough.

  8. I was going to say the same as Joanne. We sat out on the back porch last night and chatted (me and Jay) and I put on a light jacket). I'm losing my mind!!! Too stinkin' hot!!!

    And hot pavement and burning your feet and belt buckles and steering wheels . . . so there with you!

    Sheesh! We need Elijah to come and pray for rain!

  9. It's been a hot one here in Ohio too...but my hubby and little guy are hot heads and freeze me out! So 80 degrees sounds mighty nice to me who's been wearing a sweat shirt in the house all summer! Bring on the those Fall temps.

  10. Yikes!!! That is hot!! I try to go to bed with wet hair...that keeps me a little cooler. Your poor puppy! The heat sounds miserable!! Can you get to a pool? What about fans? I'm sure you've already thought of all these things, but it just sounds so hot! Hopefully it cools down soon!

  11. 115 all week.

    Car ac? Broken.

    Need I say more?

    Love you :)

  12. I feel for you....unfortunately! But 121? That's nuts!

    Come on October!!!!

  13. Ahhhh! A car temp reading of 121?!?!?! Oh my I had never thought of things like the ground being too hot for peeps and pets! I hope it cools off soon out there. Hubs has asked about moving to AZ before and now...I'm thinking no way! :)

  14. OH MY GOSH!!!! hahhaha glow bracelets explode!!! hahaha. that absolutely made my day. i love the heat, so used to it, that im not a fan of the cold.


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