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Monday, July 11, 2011

West Coast D Mamas: Breakfast In Vancouver!

A few weeks before we set out on our road trip, I mentioned on Facebook that I'd be driving through the Portland area.  My awesome pal Heidi, connected with me immediately to make plans for a meet up.  She even went the extra mile to create a Facebook Event Page to invite others!  As if that wasn't gracious enough, then she offered to come pick up the girls and I for breakfast, found a place where we could get gluten free crepes, AND drive us around town to check out a few hot spots.

After meeting Meri and dinner in Portland the night before, I was really excited for more D Mama lovin'. My girls were equally excited about finding new friendships, and they couldn't wait to see what the day had in store.  When I saw Heidi pull up, we hugged like old friends, and loaded everyone into her car as if we had been BFF's forever.  It was fun to chat and drive!

Soon after, we were pulling up to Mon Ami where I was greeted by smiling faces from Chasiti, Denise, and Facebook pal, Bonnie.  I KNOW!!!!!  IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!  Bonnie even brought along a bag of gluten free snacks and bottled water for the rest of our road trip (AND WE NEEDED THEM!!!  Thanks, Bonnie!)

The gluten free crepes were FABULOUS and the company was amazing.  The kiddos pretty much took over the joint, and the staff graciously tolerated them while the five of us chatted over breakfast and hot drinks (I had a CHAI!!!! YUMMO!!!)  I swear it was as if these mamas and I met up every week.  Like this was "our place" or something.  It hardly felt like the first time we were meeting.  We're connected at the heart, I guess.

Tink's point of view!
 Following breakfast, we went to a park to give the kids a chance to run around.  I absolutely loved every minute with these ladies and their wonderful children.

Tiara and Alivia became attached at the hip, and saying good-bye was a little hard for both of them.

On the way home, Heidi took me to Lingonberries Market...A COMPLETELY GLUTEN FREE GROCERY STORE!!!!  I found some yummy treats that I haven't been able to find in my area, more specifically Glutino Chocolate Covered Pretzels.  After breaking down and buying one bag of chocolate, Heidi treated us to the white ones too.  

See?  TOTAL BFF behavior :)

Thanks for the memories, Mamas.

We'll have to do it again soon.

Same time.  Same place.

PS -- Here's a recap of the Summer 2011 West Coast D Mama Meet Ups...

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  1. I'm soooo jealous! I'm so glad that you all were able to get together. It's just as important for us d-moms as it is for the kids.

    Gluten free crepes!!!!! Yummo! I wish we had those around us!

  2. How awesome!!! I just love reading about these meet ups!! Of course, I'd rather BE there but... This is the next best thing! These are definitely memories that you'll cherish forever! Love it!!

  3. I Love, lOve, loVe, lovE the first photo! That needs to be printed and displayed for sure.

    Then, the photo from Tiara's viewpoint appeared and I thought "THAT is an awschum photo!"

    I really need to get my brain a thinkin about how we all can organize a great big meetup with us all. Seriously. These d-meet-ups are the best!!!

  4. All these meet ups are awesome!! I also agree with Amy... love that first pic.

  5. Loving all these meet-ups! So jealous yet so happy for you at the same time!

  6. Looks like tons of fun. LOVE the picture with the pumps...just precious!

  7. That is so cool you got to do that! What a great experience!

  8. So good to read about more of your adventures!!!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the pictures! It sounds like you guys had so much fun. God is so good to give you such a wonderful adventure!

  10. How precious is the last picture of the girls though? Love those new best friends! : ) So happy for you, that is BFF love for sure! : )

  11. What a great experience for everyone! Look at those smiles! :D

  12. how fun...and gluten free crepes, what a score! I love seeing all these pics of you guys, such an adventure for everybody!


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