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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm A R.N. Who Works From Home...

Returning calls to worried parents whenever the pediatrician's offices are closed (i.e. evenings, weekends, holidays).

Last night was really busy.  As I watched my screen of calls get longer and longer (and longer), I couldn't help but to remind myself of why I really do enjoy my job...

1) I get to rock out to an eclectic array of ring tones.

2) I can update my Facebook status between calls and check my e-mail or blog when all the pagers are quiet.

3) Jason pops in now and then just to hang out and brings me surprise ice cream.

4) Tiara styles my hair and pretends to give me a makeover with old makeup brushes while I'm dialing and charting. You should see some of the dos I'm sporting when rocking out to the aforementioned ring tones!

5) Tink and I get to cuddle before bed. We can read her favorite book of the day if I'm waiting for a doctor to call me back. When she was a newborn, I used to push her bassinet in here with me to nurse on demand...and **sigh** just because I wanted my baby close to me.

6) Sugar reads to me when it's quiet and loves to sit on the other side of my table to draw pictures. She's quite an artist :)

7) I can smell Jason's latest kitchen experiment cooking.

8) I can take advantage of the heath benefits from a simple glass of wine after the calls are done and I'm tallying up my numbers.

9) Can't beat the commute.

10) Wearing your PJ's to work saves laundry.

Day 30 Done!

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  1. It sounds fantastic. The fact that you have a job that allows you to be home with your family is really quite the best. :)

  2. I wish I could figure out a way to do my job from home too. It would be just great.

  3. You must be a great nurse. I'm sure you have a lot of compassion for the people that call -- and you know how appreciated that is!

  4. That sounds like a wonderful job! I think I could add a job if I got to stay home and get my hair done and check FB and blog..and have ice cream..and my husband cooked...Love!
    Happiness, girl! : )

  5. I'm a tad bit jealous, I have to say. I would love to be able to work from home.

    I'm sure your callers appreciate you!

  6. You have a great job Wendy! The only downfall is that you can't call off due to bad weather.LOL

  7. That sounds truly amazing Wendy! Good for you!!! :)

  8. I'm a nurse who works from home too...been working from home for 5 years now! I'm a case manager. I never thought it would be an option for me...and it just sort of fell into my lap after we moved here. I love my job for similar reasons! But one of the best things...other than knowing I'm helping that I'm able to be home for my girls when they hop off the school bus in the afternoon!

  9. Sounds like perfection...well, almost...maybe getting paid to just eat ice cream in your pjs would be closer to perfect!! ;)

  10. i could totally see the visuals that went along with that post. seriously, that would be your calling. i rang someone just like you to get advice on what to do with R..unbeknowns to me and the RN on the other end of the phone, it was DKA, but hey you are able to save peoples lives. she said get to hospital! and we did :)


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