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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tara's "TRY"

I could list a million things that I love about Reyna.  You DO know Reyna, right? 

Love. Her.  

But...did you know her sister is JUST as freaking amazing???  Seriously. AH-MA-ZING women...mothers...athletes.

And I thought making it 4 miles was a big deal.....

To “Quit” ~ To stop doing something.

In life … You can “quit” a job…  You can “quit” a bad habit…  You can “quit” a hobby…  You can “quit” a sport…  You can “quit” just about anything that you make a choice to do.  You can.  Think about it.

With Type 1 Diabetes in our lives, we are left without the choice to “quit”.  You cannot “quit”. If you do, you are giving up on your child’s longevity and their quality of life.  Perhaps that is why so many of us struggle.  There was not a choice in the diagnosis.  There is not a choice in the diligent care that diabetes demands of us.  We do not have a choice.  Our children do not have a choice.  It just “is”.  So we do.  We plug on.  We have no choice, we have to.  We do it for ourselves.  We endure it for the love of our children.

Meet my sister, Tara.

Anyone who knows Tara, would be surprised that I started this post with the word “quit”.  I don’t believe the word exists in her vocabulary.  Tara has “will”.  Tara’s spirit is strong.  Tara’s most evident attribute is “try”.

Try” ~ To make an effort to do or accomplish (something).

Tara is an ultra marathoner.  She authors Mommy’s A Runner, where she writes about her training regimen, her races, her injuries, and her adventures with her husband and daughter.  Over the years she has watched me and my family deal with diabetes in Joe’s life.  It has affected her.  She asked her readers for fundraising ideas and The Virtual 5K For A CURE resulted.  Check out the details here.  You may walk it, run it, hobble it, just make sure you traverse it, the 5K.   The  registration is only $10.  All of the proceeds go to JDRF.  She has assembled quite an array of raffle prizes for the event.  Go check it out.

More on Tara…

What is an "Ultra Marathon"? Technically anything over 26.2 miles, but most don't consider anything shorter than 30 miles an “Ultra”.   

What is it about running that you enjoy so much?  Where to begin with this a kid running felt like freedom to me.  I would ride my bike to the track and just run and run and run.  I felt so free.  Now, well actually it is mostly the same.  I feel free when I run.  I can think clearly.  I feel strong.  What I love with running is that what you put into it is exactly what you get out of it.  It is so simple.  With shorter races you can cheat your training, you can get by without putting in the proper training, but there is no faking the training for 100 miles; you either did the time or you didn't.  With 100 miles in particular, you are stripped to your core.  The first 60 miles or so aren't so bad …. it is when the sun goes down …. and you are still running that you get to find out what you are made of.  It is the most brutal distance, but also the most rewarding.  I keep hoping I will be done with this distance soon because it hurts so bad, but then after a few months I find myself itching to do another. I have a 135mile race that is my ultimate goal.  So, until I get into that one I will still be going at it.   One thing I really enjoy about my running these days is it is a vehicle for me to inspire others. I truly believe that anyone can do absolutely anything they put their mind to and running proves that.   

What does your typical training week entail? Right now I am training for a 100 mile race so I am trying to keep my weekly mileage over 100 miles.  It is tough to find the time for that.  This week I ran back to back 30 milers, meaning I ran a 30 miler on Monday and a 30 miler on Tuesday.  I think that sort of big back to back run is crucial to training for these long races.  I am now at 104 miles for the week and wondering what sort of mileage to put in this weekend … might just play it by ear. 

Do you avoid certain foods?  And, if so, why? Gluten, it kicks my ass (literally, ewwwwwwwwww).

How has diabetes in Joe's life affected you?  I know this disease is horrible for those directly involved, but sometimes I wish there was somewhere for us secondary folks to go for support and answers.  Joe's diabetes, if I am to be completely honest, has changed my sister.  For a long time she felt lost to me, I couldn't help her, I couldn't help with Joe's stuff.  I couldn't do anything right and yet doing nothing seemed so wrong.  I could see her grieving, struggling and working so hard and yet could have zero part of helping her through this journey.  And OMG to see your nephew, this young child you love so much go through all he does daily/weekly and with such strength just breaks my heart.  I wish I understood more. I wish I could help more. I wish there were more answers for this disease. 

What prompted you to organize the JDRF: Race For A CURE?  I am dying inside to do ANYTHING to help and, well, this is all I could think of.  LAME, I know.  However, I am an “action girl” and had to do something.

What is/are your goal(s) for this event? 1. Money for JDRF: I want answers … and if not a cure, then a better way to manage this disease.  2. Awareness: If I find it annoying to get ignorant questions/comments about Joe's Diabetes, I cannot even imagine what he, Reyna, Bridget and Dave put up with. 


There you have it folks.  People with Type 1 Diabetes cannot quit their disease.  My sister and I and so many of you will not quit on them!  Now go scope out the race details here.  And please register here.

A day-in-the-life (can I say that over here?) of  “TRY”.

Thank you, Tara.

OF COURSE YOU CAN SAY THAT OVER HERE!  It wouldn't be the same if you hadn't.  Thanks, Reyna.  And a special thanks to Tara as well. 

Now y'all go get your running shoes and let's DO THIS!

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  1. I just can't believe it is humanly possible to run so much -- leave it to a sister of Reyna! Roselady

  2. Loved this post. Amazing ladies, with amazing hearts!!! They inspire us all to DO more to fight D. Thanks for sharing more about Reyna's sis! :)

  3. bravo! I am in absolute awe of Tara, my ma and I both checked out her blog together several times and each time feel amazed at her determination and joy with the ultra marathon running sport. Amazing. I am thankful she on team diabetes, too - what a great teammate!

  4. Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing.

    I would love to recommend a book to all diabetics. It's called Not Dead Yet, My race against disease from diagnosis to dominance. It's about a diabetic pro bike racer named Phil Southerland. He went on to start Team Type 1, a group of diabetic pro bike racers that ride all over the world and across country.

    I absolutely love a competitive spirit like Tara! She is doing great things for everyone affected from diabetes just as Phil is doing. You go girl!!!!

    THANK YOU!!!

  5. Such an amazing pair of sisters!
    So excited about the virtual 5K!!!

  6. LOVE. THIS.
    This post made me want to run....
    and I DON'T RUN!

    I really can't imagine running 100 miles! Walk, sure... Run, I would be dead!

    Great job girls! :)

  7. Thank you all. It isnt easy being reynas sister. She is so amazing had to do something truly insane to shine. Lol

  8. Wendy, thank you for having me over. I really enjoyed sharing about my amazing sister. It was hard to read how type 1 in Joe's life has impacted her. I am working on getting my old spark back. I am almost there...I hope. xo

  9. Hahaha Tara! : ) You two are amazing! Reyna, you still have *spark*!! : ) I'm so impressed-a marathon is awesome-over 100 miles? Do your feet have skin after that? And how long does it take to do that? Seriously?

  10. Yep not even a blister on the last 100 miler. Takes around 21 hrs.

  11. Her skin peels off sometimes and she can do it in about 22hours. She places at these events, which is amazing.


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