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Monday, June 20, 2011

If I Had A "Normal" Child...

I'm taking a little hiatus, but will be popping in from time to time over the next few weeks.  I wanted to introduce you to my pal, Tracy.  Tracy is a friend of mine IRL (in real life) as well as in the Blogosphere.  In fact, she helped me get over my CGM fears -- you MUST check out her awesome CGM video HERE!

I would not have to worry about dropping him off at school.

I would not have to worry about how EVERYTHING he eats is going to affect him.

I would not have to worry every time The Superhero goes swimming.

I would not have to worry if my baby will come home from school ALIVE.

I would not have to worry about him waking up every morning.

I would not have to worry about him running, jumping, playing, skipping, etc.

I would not have to worry every time he is crying, throwing a fit, or acting out.

I would not have to worry if he falls asleep in the car unexpectedly.

I would not have to worry if he says his tummy hurts.

I would not have to worry if he doesn't want to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, or his snack.

I would not have to worry about leaving him with friends/family for a few hours or overnight.

I would not have to worry about anything other than what "normal" moms worry about.


I would not have met SO many WONDERFUL moms/dads. I would miss out on some of the BEST friendships I have EVER known in my life.

I would not have the INSTANT family. There are MANY D Moms I have NEVER met in real life, but we have such a strong connection and an instant bond to each other. It is really amazing.

One email/FB message, one Christmas card in the mail, or a phone call from a D Mom (thanks for the chat JoAnne!) can make you feel so connected. They all feel like friends I have known my entire life, yet it has only been a short time.

And the fact is, we do not live a "normal" life. I cannot go through one day, one hour, one minute without some sort of worry about what Diabetes is doing to my little man. The highs, the lows, the in between.

And while life in Italy would be awesome, I am really trying my hardest to enjoy my time in Holland.

Thanks for stopping by Candy Hearts, my friend.

PS -- Be careful of those play structures ;)
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  1. Love that you two know each other IRL.

  2. So true. The connections you make in the DOC is what gets you through each day sane. Life was really rough on me before the internet!

  3. It for sure helps to count our blessings! Amen!


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