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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sweet Memories

Every now and then, I have a moment when 
I want to share a post from my

I keep this blog separate, because it's more intimate, 
and mostly doesn't revolve around diabetes and/or celiac.

I figure most of my Candy Hearts' readers are here to share our diabetes/celiac journey,
but there's quite a bit more to this Rose than those 2 thorns.
In fact, every day is full of Rose petals, but sometimes it's hard to smell them.

So, anyway....

I have three closets that need an overhaul.

I needed to put away some art projects and things from this school year,
and stumbled upon a box full of baby memories.

Our first pregnancy.
It seems so long ago.
She'll be 8 soon.

When you're a L&D nurse and the floor is slow...
you get to hook yourself up to a monitor to see
how your baby is doing whenever you want!

Funny Story:

Spice (1st child, my step-daughter) was born on the 1st of the month.
Sugar (2nd child) was born on the 2nd of the month.
I REALLY wanted Baby #3 to arrive on the 3rd.
("Mommy loves you!  Hope to see you on 12/3/05!")

She didn't show up on the 3rd.
Well, then Tink's due date was on 5/4.
That would have been 4th child, born on the 4th.

I didn't want Tiara to go through life feeling like she had
"ruined" my silly numbers game.
So I REFUSED to have Tink on the 4th.
I went so far as to schedule an induction on the 2nd,
because I didn't want to take any chances!
(When I arrived for my induction, 
I was already in labor, so it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.)

All three of my sweet babies had their newborn pictures
taken in this little yellow nightgown.

After their picture, they each came home wearing it too!

Today's Joy:  Sweet Memories.

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  1. Such a sweet post. Love that you got to check in with your baby whenever the floor was slow...that's awesome! Cute pics too!!! :)

  2. Such sweet memories!
    There's a 'tradition' going back three generations in my family that I was determined to grandmother had my mother the year she turned 30; my mother had me the year she turned 30; I was able to have Bean the year I turned 30 because I lost two before her. Not a great way to make it happen, but I'm blessed to have her and the fact that it 'worked out' in the whole turning 30 thing just makes it cool! ;)

  3. I hated that machine when I was in the hospital with Leighanna. It was the cause of many sleepless nights.

  4. Very sweet memories indeed! I always enjoy looking back through old photos like that!

  5. LOVED THIS! The old snap shots are priceless Wendy. AND I think it is funny that you went through such lengths to ensure Tiara didn't feel like she ruined a streak.

  6. My kids were born on 6/8 and 9/8 I so badly wanted a 12/8 baby but Addy totally threw it off with 4/21! :)


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