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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dear Blog,

I've had a busy week, and I'm sorry if you feel neglected.  Admittedly, my heart has been a little heavy.  I know you understand, but I wanted to let you know that I'll be back in full force soon.

I want to tell you about a new GF bread I tried.

I want to tell you about Dairy -- our blue flamingo.

I want to share some tips that Sugar's endo discussed with us about making pump adjustments.

I want to tell you about the amazing experience of gathering CGM pics from around the DOC.

I want to come clean about something I've intentionally avoided here -- in my safe haven of the Blogosphere.  BUT, now that I'm about to embark on one of the biggest physical challenges I've ever committed to (have I lost my mind?), I've decided that it's time to get rid of this skeleton in my closet and face it....publicly....because it has everything to do with accountability, my friends.  (GULP!)

Most of all, my dear Blog, I just want to tell your readers that I love them all.  Knowing they're here, even when I'm a little lost means a lot to me.

So, be on the lookout....because the future looks bright!

From my Candy Heart to yours,

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  1. Im there with you my dear, why I have YET to post any of my VLOGS.

    Looking forward to hearing more!

  2. Can't wait to hear all about it!! You will rock this thing! All of these things! And we will be here cheering you on!!

  3. Always here Wendy. Always. I cannot wait for the following posts.

  4. I think the two of us are experiencing some hard knocks, lately. They may knock us down, and even out for a little bit, but we WILL get back up and charge on.

    If you lost your mind doind that crazy exercise stuff then I must have lost mine when I went vegan for 30 days ;) It was just what I needed to go so far out of my comfort zone that it made my everyday life seem simply. You will love, and thive, with this new challenge. I just know it!

    Love you Wendy chicky!!!!

  5. Can't wait! : ) We should all drag our skeletons out there..not easy. ; ) heehee

  6. Can't wait to hear all the good stuff that's going on!

  7. Oooh! Can't wait to hear all about this stuff!

  8. Awww Wendy, you are really a sweetheart! Keep safe, enjoy life.


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