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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Quick Order Of Business

Dear Blogging Friends,

Thank you for the love and support you have shown towards the Life For A Child Campaign.  Seriously, y'all.  When I click around and see the badge (hint, hint -- GRAB IT!) or stumble upon a post helping to spread the word, I feel a little tug at my Candy Heart knowing that we're uniting to do something spectacular.

Like most of you, sometimes often I get stuck between dishes, laundry, kids, and work.  My blogroll has grown leaps and bounds and it's very easy for me to miss a some posts.  It's not that I don't care...or that I'm not reading.  It's just, because LIFE takes precedence, I manage to get behind lost really fast.

I added a little alphabetical section to the LFAC campaign where I'd like to keep track of the posts people are writing to promote it.  In addition, thanks to Catherine {see comments}, I'd also like to feature other fundraising events (bake sales, car washes, etc).

If you've written a post or have planned a fundraiser....will you PLEASE take a moment to send a link or a recap with pictures my way?  Facebook and e-mail ( are probably the easiest ways to reach me.

Thank you!!!

And now you may return to your regularly scheduled programs...while I go figure out dinner!

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  1. Behind doesn't even begin to explain what I am... and I don't even have a clean house to show for it :/

  2. I read about LFAC on your blog, and now my 5-year-old (who has type 1) will be selling homemade truffles at church to raise money to donate. Thanks!

  3. Catherine,

    I LOVE IT!!!! Please be sure to send along some pictures and a few details of the event so I can highlight it!


    PS -- I ♥ truffles :)


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