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Monday, February 28, 2011

This is how it went down.

I arrived at the school to pick up all three of my girls.

Immediately upon signing out the preschoolers, they were invited to a friend's house.  So off they went.

I went around the corner to get my first grader...and then needed to hunt down the next door neighbor's 4th grader because her mother left in a flurry after learning her oldest daughter was in labor.

The preschoolers are gone and the other kiddos want to walk home.  Fine.

I drive home - gather the 1st grader, hand off the 3rd grader, and go inside to assemble dinner.

Eventually I realize I don't have everything I need.

By then, the 1st grader has found another 1st grader to play with...and it's about time to drive over to pick up the preschoolers.

I throw the 2 1st graders into the car, zoom over to pick up the other 2 and head straight to the grocery store on the way home.

Walking through the produce section like a mother duck with a string of ducklings, I hear something to the effect of someone not feeling well.  I didn't ask twice.  Quite frankly, I didn't want to know.  I wanted to get the few things I was after and get home to finish.

"Dex says 78, Mom."

We're almost there.  I can see the checkout lane.  We can make it.  All I have is my wallet in need to lug in the big ol' mom bag and sugar box for a 7 minute excursion to the grocery store with 4 hungry children under the age of 8.  Why, pray tell would I do that?

"Oooo....can we get some gum?"
"MOM, I want this chap stick!"
"OH!  I've had those before!  They're so good!"
"What are those?  OH OH OH...MOOOOOM!!!!  I saw a commercial for these.  They're SO COOL!"

Deep breath.
Only a few more items to get through the register.
Don't lose it, Wendy.
Don't start screaming at these beautiful dirty faced kids right now.


To the car...hold hands, the parking lot is pretty busy right now.

"I'M LOW!!!!!!!!"  Beep Beep Beep Beep.

"GUM....Mommy did you get us some gum?"
"I want some gum.  How come she's going to get gum?"
"My favorite gum is the pink kind."

Shuffle everyone in.
Grab the bag, throw it to the child with diabetes and give drill sergeant orders to test immediately.
"What are you doing?"
"Does that hurt?"

Groceries loaded, test in progress, children buckled.


Wait.  Where's my phone?
Did I leave my phone at the register?


Dump out mom frantically for phone.

"I need a tablet."
"What's a tablet?"

"YES....give everyone a tablet!!!!!!!!!!!  I need you guys to be quiet for a minute.  My brain isn't thinking.  I need to make sure I have my phone...and I need her to test again in a few minutes."

"What does test again mean?"

Groceries scattered, purse contents everywhere, diabetes supplies all over, dinner to make, baths to deal with, spelling words to review......

"Dude.  You're mom is having a weird moment."

"Hey, Mom...did you get us some gum?"
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  1. LOVE it! My husband just asked me what I was laughing about...I can totally relate to that...just had a very similar experience yesterday while out doing my weekly grocery shopping with my girls. I probably have more "weird moments" that I care to admit, lol! Glad to know I'm not alone :)

  2. That sounds like a day in MY life. Infact it sounds like most days in my life. Deep breath, did you happen to pick up a bottle of wine at the store. Sounds like you might need a SIP or two after your day. I'm so glad someone else has "weird moments". I thought maybe it was a newly dx thing but now I know its a D thing. <3 you Wendy!!

  3. Did you find the phone?
    I always, always hated having to take children with me to the grocery store. I always took 'em, but I really hated it.

  4. OMG. Too funny. (With four kids under 7, myself, I can completely picture this entire exchange.)

    Thank you for the laugh!

  5. This is hysterical! I've so been there with one diabetic low and the entire car erupting in cries of, "I WANT JUICE TOO,". It's gotten to where I now not only carry snacks for my daughter, I constantly have snacks enough for all my children!

  6. LOL ahh, your living one of my fears..... babysitting a bunch of 6 year olds at the same time while trying to keep your head on straight, deal with diabetes, and well, life in general lol. I tell ya, I am SO THANKFUL for my hubby cuz he lets me take a nap after dinner till about 11:30pm while he does the bedtime snack, baths, and bedtime routine. I've been wanting to change my sleep schedule around for a while though so I can make sure Lenny's homework is done, daddy sometimes forgets to check that so we do the homework thing in the mornings a lot it seems (LOL!)(not to mention I gotta feeling were gonna hear some news here in the next couple months that will NEED me to change that schedule to benefit my daughter), I just have NO IDEA wtheck to do to change it so i can be up in the evening to help them with it all. I tell ya, I just dont know how you ladies have the energy to do everything you do, not to mention, find the TIME to do it all! Time management was never something I could quite master LOL!

  7. Oh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy...this depicts so many of my days, nights, afternoons so well. I was laughing at the "checkout" scene!!! Loved it...and, as always...."D" rears it's existence into all we do...even checking out with a bunch of dirty faced, happy kids in tow. xoxo

  8. beautiful retelling -- i thought I was reading my own life!

  9. oh, the joys of everyday life with d...the "other" kids comments cracked me up, sometimes those wide-eyed-what-the-heck-is-she-doing moments from other kids just gets me laughing! Hope today is smooth and relaxing!

  10. Being the oldest of nine kids, I remember days like this. . . . . Hang in there Mama!

  11. I love the vivid picture you paint!!
    I was right there in that store / car with you. And I was STRESSED! LOL

    Whew! Glad it's over.

    For both of us.


  12. LOL! And I thought dragging my 4 under 5 into the store was bad. :)

  13. OMG! I literally sat right here in Starbuck's laughing out LOUD!!!! That sounds soooooo much like some of my days!!! Ummmm....did you get gum? What flavor? And....can I have some juice too? LOLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you girlie!!! <3

  14. OMGosh, Wendy-- I was cracking up!! You go thru years of scenes like this... you love your kids... and then one day.... you get grandkids :)
    All is right with the world.... oh, and the "payback" is the best! It's a lot funnier the second time around... and when it's someone else ;)

  15. Oh my... I so get this! NOt just at home but at work, too. I feel you pain, sister! So... did you get them some gum???? :)


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