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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Feeling Defeated?

NaBloPoMo Day 2
Insulin is vital for the survival of people with type 1 diabetes and often ultimately required by people with type 2 diabetes. Even though insulin's indispensible nature is recognised by its inclusion in the WHO's Essential Medicines List, insulin is still not available on an uninterrupted basis in many parts of the developing world.

Hi There.

I'm not sure we've met.

I'm Wendy, and this is my little cyber nest on the net. Make yourself at home, okay?  Don't worry.....I'm not going to ask you what your last A1c was.

Oh.  You aren't laughing.

I'm sorry.

Listen....I don't know your story.  Maybe you're a teenager with T1 who doesn't care about the hoopla right now.  Maybe you're an adult with T1 who is struggling with balancing life.  Maybe you're an overwhelmed parent of a T1....perhaps even of that aforementioned teenager.

You come here -- to the DOC -- and read over and over about everyone's awesome numbers, stellar A1c's, and seemingly "good" control.

YOU are who I'm talking to today.

Whomever you are, I just want to let you know that YOU matter here.  Not just **HERE**, but all over the DOC.  We want you to be encouraged.  We want you to feel empowered to change the things you are capable of changing.  And....we want you to know that those numbers don't define you.  Your circumstances are unique to your journey.  Diabetes cannot defeat you, because you are stronger.

I'm not a medical doctor, but you should know that Candy Hearts is a safe place to ask questions you may feel intimidated to ask elsewhere, vent a frustration, or connect with new friends.  I'll listen.

Because someone listened to me once.

Sugar's A1c was 8.9 a few years ago.  I felt like a complete failure.   I didn't know what else I could be doing, and I was paralyzed with fear that I'd give too much insulin.  It was nearly 2 years after her diagnosis (about 6 months after she began pumping!!).  That's when I finally went online...up until that time, I figured I could handle all this crap on my own.  I joined a Yahoo Group and put it all out there -- for the world to see.  I knew if I didn't get some help from people who understood what I was dealing with, she'd creep into the 9's..and beyond.  I had been watching her climb for awhile.

People responded with complete compassion and kindness.  They didn't judge me, call me a horrible mother, or laugh at me.  Instead they listened, offered realistic suggestions, and encouraged me.

Three months later, her A1c was 7.8....the BEST ever and the FIRST number under 8.  I felt like throwing a party!

Consider this YOUR personal invitation to make the journey alongside the DOC as we celebrate this month of diabetes awareness.

Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself anytime.

From My CANDY HEART to Yours,
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  1. Wendy, I am sure this message means a lot to so many. I am so glad that you took the leap of faith into the DOC years ago. I feel so fortunate to have met you and the other D'Rents as well as PWDs. It has been such a great resource to me and place of support.

  2. I'm so grateful that 2 years ago you took that 1st step towards the DOC. I don't know what I would do with out my D mama' ya Mrs Candy Heart!!

  3. Wendy, your message is so loving and welcoming. Just the same as you were to me when I joined the DOC. I am so fortunate to have met you and so many other wonderful D peeps in the DOC. I count my blessings every day that I am not alone on this journey.

  4. What a great message! I too am thankful that I am a part of this group. Without you guys I don't think I could make it. You make the journey a little less lonely!

  5. Your cyber nest is my home away from home! This is a great post and I want you to know that I am thankful to have found you and the DOC as well. If I could stretch my arms and lips to AZ from Seattle and right through the computer at this moment to hug and kiss you ..I would. Thanks for always being there Wendy!

  6. Big Thank You from me too. Reading all the DOC puts out has given me both the strength to deal with D day in and day out but also fresh ideas on how to whip it into shape. It is always nice to know we aren't alone and there are others out there that "get it". love you all!

  7. Beautiful post Wendy. Our last A1C was 8.9... we are coming up on 2 years too. I feel at times like I am loosing my grip. But D wont win... I wont let it. Its just a matter of finding balance. Balancing the highs and the lows to find that magic place in the middle. I am so thankful I have you and the rest of the DOC to support me while we find that golden ground. =)

  8. Wonderful post! I am so happy to be part of the group. It's amazing how although everyone is different, we all deal with a lot of the same feelings! :)

  9. I am SO thankful to have found the DOC. I wish I would have found it right after Lovebug's diagnosis rather then 10 months after. The DOC has been an awesome source for help and support. It has been a huge blessing to know the DOC has my back each step of the way

  10. I am just getting to know everyone in the DOC, but I truely appreciate everyones stories and support for everyone. Thank you for the open arms welcome.

  11. It is a safe place! I love that this community lifts up and supports! That is rare in this world.

  12. This post should be hung on the DOC front door! Very nicely said, all of you guys have saved me from the darkness of D!!! Thank you!

  13. Love this post, Wendy! The DOC is definitely an open and welcoming, non-judging group, thanks to you and all the other d-mommas out there!

  14. What a great post! It was such a relief to find the DOC after my daughter was diagnosed. Thanks for the welcome. :)


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