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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Writer's Block

I have it.

I've had posts swirling in my brain for a few weeks....KNOWING that NaBloPoMo was right around the corner!!!!  And yet, here I a complete loss for words.

She was in the 60's all night and all day today.  She's laying here beside me sound asleep....I know she's worn out.  I look at her feet and remember when they were small....I used to love chewing on those precious toes.  Her rosy pink lips.  The way her hair snarls up like a wasp's nest.  Her pump is there...and I can see little the evidence of thousands of fingerpricks.  Those eyelashes melt my heart.

In their bedroom, the other two are cuddled up together.  They sleep together pretty often.  I can see both little profiles...they have the same nose.  Four little cheeks that I love to kiss.  Two little belly buttons that I'll pretend to snatch up and eat for breakfast. Those cowlicks.  Oh, LORD! They both have cowlicks....but their hair is so soft.  Those sweet little fingernails....such soft innocent skin and cute little ears.

I guess I can always write about them.

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  1. Yep! You can write ANYTHING about ANY one of your beautiful girls! Here's to hoping your writer's blog goes away, and does not come find me when I finish all the posts I have started.

    I just know I am going to get to a few weeks from now, days from the end of the month, and be here where you are.

  2. Posts may swirl in your brain, but it appears that love, love and more love swirls in your candy heart! :)

    Hope the writer's block passes!

  3. I will always read..."writers' block" or not. Your loving care of your beautiful girls is so evident in all of your posts Wendy.

    Here's to more free flowing writing. I am writing about gummy candies over on my blog for peet-sake! I may have a little block going on myself. It isn't easy posting daily.

  4. I'm kind of glad you had writer's block. I LOVED this post! I can just picture all 3 of your sweeties. One day you will look back on this when they are 20-somethings...and it will be a FAVORITE!!

  5. I love how you described them, so beautiful. I am sorry shes having all these lows, its bs. I know it wears them down so much. We had this last week, we finally were told to turn the pump off for a bit till he came up. It worked! That and some nutella and white bread...hope you have a better day!


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