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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And I Quote

"I'm low."

"Let's check."

150/zero IOB

"You're good.  Sleep tight."

"Okay.  I'll come back when I'm in the 60's"

*****20 minutes later******

"I'm in the 60's now."

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  1. Wow! I kid you not my husband whom has been dx with t1d for over 20yrs now doesn't need to test most the time to know where we he is at or where he's going. When we were first married I didn't believe him and we'd play this game where he'd get a kiss every time he was within 5pts of his meter, dang that boy scored a lot of free kisses (not that the newlywed needed more)...but still it's kind of a nice feeling to know that if there were a time when a meter weren't available he (and seems your daughter) would be able to know when they needed some sort of treatment.

  2. Joe will do the same thing. He will say mom I am low...he'll be 130s or something (no IOB) and 20 minutes later...dunh...dunh...dunh...50s. This is where Dexter Rocks the House Wendy. If I saw a 120 or 130 with double arrows down...I'd give him the sugar to head off the low.

  3. Wendy, I love your new blog! The design is awesome.
    Addy is truly amazing. You are so blessed to have your daughters. You are a great mom!

  4. Wow! Too funny. She must have been dropping pretty fast!

  5. Sugar is amazing!! I can only hope that Ally will get there some day. I know that she will, I just want it to be NOW!

    And like Reyna said, I am really liking that the CGM will show me the double arrows. It at least gives me some information when I am trying to PREDICT what D will do next!

  6. We have this EXACT conversation at our house some nights. It kills me to send her to bed with a good blood sugar just to have her reappear at my bed 20 minutes later with a low. Its funny how these kids just KNOW what their body is going to do.

  7. Love that she could feel it! And I am sure, over time, she and you will be able to trust that feeling a bit more. :-)

  8. lol I love this post too!! Wanna know why? CAUSE SYD DOES IT TOO!!! I guess they can feel when their body is changing...our little super hero kids!

  9. Good job Sugar! To know her body like that is amazing! Justice is the same way, Its scary when those numbers look good and they are not.

    I agree Reyna this is why I am trying to find a way to get Dex.

    ((hugs)) for mom too I know times like that are super frustrating!

  10. Justin knows when something is up... but he is not THAT good at it. I hope we get there soon :)

  11. (Highlighting this in the next Type 1 Tues on D-Mom Blog.)

    How great that she knew she was heading low even if the meter wasn't saying it yet.


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