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Thursday, August 26, 2010

We Interrupt This Program...

I'm dumbfounded.


At a loss for words.

That doesn't happen very often, by the way.

I was planning to let y'all know that you have until midnight tonight to enter the mega prize pack, and the winner will be announced tomorrow.

But this is more important.

Nicole lives in Canada.  Over the past year, I have followed her journey of sending her young child to school with diabetes.  It feels like a nightmare when I compare what she has gone through to the 504 protections that my child has here, in the United States.  She has worked tirelessly, writing letters to lawmakers, organizing educational events, connecting with other families.  Her efforts are inspirational, to say the least.

She posted THIS last night.

Read. it. now.

Respond to it.

And let's show the world that children with TYPE 1 DIABETES everywhere deserve to have their lives protected at school, regardless of what country they live in.

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  1. Thank you SOOO MUCH for re-posting and for the wonderful have touch my life in a way I can't even start to express xoxox I love my blogger family :)


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