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Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogger Basal and the BLOGWARMING WINNER!

I HAVE A WINNER!!!!  Yes, yes, yes I do!  And I know you're excited to find out who the LUCKY CANDY HEARTS WINNER is going to be!!!!!!!!

Ah, it's been a quite a week!

The Superhero had a great week in preschool...even if he did end up with a pair of High School Musical undies unexpectedly!!!  Reyna was sporting some amazing biceps when she encountered Zeus getting his tatoos - ehum - massaged.  Heidi reminded me that silver linings give us hope....and....made me cry in the process (THANKS ALOT, btw!!!!)  Kris reminds us the diabetes has a name.  Nicole really stepped up and showed Canada how much needs to be changed to support children with diabetes in the school system.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Laura talked about the bitter reality of Nate NOT having a first day of school this week.  Misty gave a great explanation and overview about Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems.  We celebrated BIG VICTORIES with Donna and her Sugar Family. Jen hates the number 362.  Meri's brain went back to school with her boys, and....I'm still trying to get a nap so I can keep up with their first day of school!  Lora put all of our mind's at ease when she announced that Justin's heart is strong and healthy.  Hallie inspired school paralyzed D'rents across the globe with her Beanstock analogy.  Jo brought up the discussion of whether or not she should bank her new baby-to-be's cord blood.  Meanwhile, Alix talked about their families insurance struggles for CGM approval.  Then my heart broke once again as I read Danielle's account of their T1 family who can't afford health insurance.  By the way, we're praying for S to get swift insurance approval for her new pump.  April Ann talked about life BD/AD at T's 6 month mark.  Shannon had the kind of day that makes everyone want to go back to bed, and Pam reminded us to put crap where it belongs....behind you.  Speaking of crap, the word of the day is WITBBITA, brought to you by Penny!  Bekah's pumping days have shown signs of improvement.  Brittany's team participated in their first JDRF Walk To Cure Diabetes.  Lily started the firstgrade! I'm still starving after Lorraine's photomontage.  The New Normal Life Gang went to the zoo....and spent alot of time hanging with the giraffes.  The boys turned into ducks over at this show! Addison's kidneys are PERFECT!!!!  Em is feeling better about school this year.  Jill has a thing or two to say to Busch Gardens.  Shamae offered some tips from her T1 home to yours :)  Courtney got herself a trial pump....but.....take note -- NO PINK!  Heather jumped on the makeover bandwagon (have you noticed???)  Leighann discussed the new Freestyle test strips. Jessica related to many of us as we wonder what is wrong with some people.  Jonathon's Journey reminded us that Diabetes doesn't play by any rules.   Ronda told us about the Diabetes Dude!  Kelly had a freaking ridiculous day.  The other Kelly made me pause for a moment to imagine what Sugar will be when she grows up.  Karen pointed out that we're all liars.  Ninjabetic introduced a very cool project that I can't wait to participate in called Waiting With Diabetes.  Kerri reminded all of us that HOPE is the best motivator.  Shannon switched pumps for some of the same reasons we chose the Ping as well.  Get ready to DANCE OUT DIABETES!  Michael is approaching the end...of his pump vacation, that is.  I was excited when Scott shared this awesome book review!!! Bernard found some new friends.  Mrs Harer and I share a passion for this guy.  Speaking of which, Phonelady needs some prayers over HERE.  Be sure to mark you calendar for SEPTEMBER 1st -- don't want to miss out on DIABETES ART DAY!  I keep wondering if THIS BABY has arrived yet :)  Speaking of good things, Rach talks about how they all must come to an end.  And all along, we were encouraged by a JDRF staff member with her description of what makes our families equivalent to that of Superheroes.

Yes, my HAS been quite a week!

Did you like that???  I'm calling it the Blogger Basal :)'s for everyone in the DOC!!!!!
I'm officially declaring the last Friday of the month 

Check the tab at the top of my blog to see who is authoring each month's edition.  Submit the post-specific URL of your choice (ehum, from YOUR blog) to the e-mail address provided by the 3rd Friday of the month.  Each month, the Blogger Basal will post on the 4th Friday (yes...even if there are 5 Fridays.) 

Rules for URL submissions:
1)  Must be (mostly) family friendly.  Rants are welcome.  Porn is not.  Get it?
2)  URLs are due on the 3rd Friday of the month.  PERIOD.  If you want your post to get linked, please submit it on time.
3)  Only one URL per author per month please.

HEIDI over at D-Tales is ready and waiting to begin accepting your submissions for September....get

OH YEAH!!!!!!!  There's supposed to be a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT here today...silly me was so excited to launch the Blogger Basal that I almost forgot!

You know....speaking of prizes....consider this to be the first Sugar Bolus!  
Sugar Bolus, you ask???  
OH YEAH!  Let's get some freebies rolling up in this joint!!!!!  
Do you have something to give away?  
Let me know --
I'll put you on the calendar (check it under the same tab).

Rules for hosting a SUGAR BOLUS:
1)  You are responsible for obtaining prizes and organizing shipping.
2)  Remember to thank your kind vendors for their participation by providing links to their sites.
3)  Prizes can be of any nature -- they do not have to relate to diabetes, but should remain family friendly.  No XXX props, PLEASE!
4)  When you announce your winner, be sure to link to the next Sugar Bolus host!

ALRIGHT!!!!!  You've waited long enough.

(I ended up with 127 total entries, by the way)

ENTRY #18 ...

(who also happens to be a new kid on my blogging block -- nice to meet you, Denise!)

Congratulations, Denise!
I'll need to get some information from you, so please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

Thank you, EVERYONE, for helping to make my BLOGWARMING PARTY a screaming success!

OH, and to the 126 chances that didn't win....

HALLIE is hosting another SUGAR BOLUS next week....better get over there to check it out, and get yourself entered!

It feels good to be home.
From my Candy Heart to yours,

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  1. YAY for DENISE!!! The Blogger Basal looks like a blast. I cannot WAIT for my turn. Imagine all the fun stories we can come up with!

  2. Congratulations to Denise! LOVE the Blogger Basal...I can't wait to click on the links above and read the ones I have not had a chance to read yet. You have peaked my interest...but now I don't know which one to read first!

  3. Congrats Denise!! Horray for blogging! Horray for free stuff!!

  4. Wow! What a great way to wake up and find out I won!! I am sooooo excited!!! But really, I am even more excited to have found this great group of blogging D-moms who "get it"!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  5. Woohoo! Congrats, Denise! And welcome to the d-blog world! I'm going to have to go check yours out!

  6. LOVED the Blogger Basal! Great idea!!! Got me all caught up :) Thanks for doing all that!

  7. Woohoo! Congratulations Denise! That's awesome!!!

  8. Blogger Basal ROCKS!!! Great idea and thank you for putting it together- brilliant! And yay! for Denise!

  9. Hey, thank you for your comment! I appreciate that. While I feel like I'm bracing myself for bad news, I'm also somehow at peace with things. :) It'll all work out.


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