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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holy Generosity, Batman!

Last week I got a call from our local Starlight Children's Foundation letting us know that Sugar had been selected to participate in a Batman "experience" with Gotham City Motors and The Wayne Foundation.

A Batman "experience"?


As in a tour of a Batcave replica AND an opportunity to ride in a real, live BATMOBILE!!!  (Complete with a sliding bookcase and Batpoles!!!)

I KNOW!!!!  I almost couldn't contain my excitement either!

But it gets better.  The day before our visit, she received a hand-delivered letter congratulating her for her strength and courage in the face of obstacles. She was also permitted to invite 25 guests, arrived by limo, AND walked away with a Batkey of her very day she'll be able to bring her key back to drive the Batmobile herself!!!

Oh...but there's more...

The Wayne Foundation is committed to using their Batmobile in support of non-profit organizations.  Not only do they provide this amazing experience for children with a chronic diagnosis, but they also make a donation to the charity sponsoring the child (in our case, it was Starlight).  In addition, they make a second donation to another charity of the family's choosing.  We chose the Diabetes Hands Foundation, specifically because of their Big Blue Test initiative which provides life-saving insulin and education to people who would otherwise be unable to access it.  Mike Lawson was able to join the event on behalf of DHF, and we had a great time!

I am always touched by the hearts of kind people.  The idea that someone has worked so hard for so long to create such a fascinating experience for families like ours literally reaches inside the core of my soul.  It is there that I find myself at a loss of words, because I can't seem to form a sentence that expresses my gratitude.  "Thank you" seems so mellow at times like these.

You can check out more pictures from our Batexperience HERE.

PS -- On a side note, the SPEED Channel was there filming.  The original Batmobile is being auctioned this weekend at Barrett-Jackson. I'm not sure when it's going to air, but stay tuned and I'll be sure to share the details as they surface! 

(Also: Keep an eye on Lot 3013 which goes to the auction block around 1 pm on Saturday, 1/19/13, to benefit JDRF!)

SPEED Channel filming in progress.  Photo courtesy of Gotham City Motors.

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  1. The words "This is SO AWESOME" have been non-stop since I started reading your post... wow. Very cool experience, and it looks like Sugar had a great time! Thanks for telling us about this cool experience, Wendy! Totally envious.

  2. Holy Batman, Batman! This is awesome, and I love that you guys were able to do this. :)

  3. That is so cool! Hmmm I wonder what organizations here do something similar or would be willing to???

  4. So cool! I like Sugar's cheeky grin with that key in her hand!lol


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