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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013: A Mess.

"2013 is looming."
This is how my blog post was going to start.  Except, I started it a few days ago...and now 2013 isn't "looming" anymore.

It has arrived.

I think I was planning to babble a recap of 2012.

I wanted to tell you about our family's joyous season...

I had something in my mind about "the future and wishes for the future".

And...yup.  Pretty sure there was a resolution or two.

Meanwhile, life happened.

We decluttered, organized, and spruced up the office.  I spent an entire day digging out (and re-stuffing) our family's only hall closet...

Yesterday, I was sure I'd pen one final post for 2012.

While Mr. Rose took the girls to a neighborhood party, I would be spending New Year's Eve working, and it would be slow, right?  (Nope.  Turns out kids still get sick {even on holidays} and parents still have questions about how to help them.  It was a very busy shift, actually.)

Our dog, Ivy, was sick.  She had been throwing for a good part of the day, and someone needed to be home with her anyway.  I was taking calls for quite a few vomiting kiddos, so Ivy seemed to fit right in with the theme of the night.

And then Mr. Rose brought Tink home...

I know you're jealous.  It was just as glamorous of a NYE bash as it sounds!

I was running around here cleaning up after the dog and the kid, while trying to appear calm and collected as I did my best to help other parents who weren't sure how to manage their vomiting children.  2012 was going out with a bang, and 2013 was getting off to a messy start.

Tink had a rough night.

And then there was this...

By 4 am, Mr. Rose had Sugar up eating something substantial, and we were running a(nother!) load of laundry.  I was scrubbing the couch, Tink was in the bath again, and Tiara slept through all of it.

Good times.

P.S.     Turns out that sharing my 2013 resolutions would have been a mistake, because I broke most of them on DAY 1.

I didn't exercise, and I ate too many sweets.

BUT...I did blog.  That's something I'm hoping to pull off 5 days a week.  Probably Mon-Fri...but we'll see.  Those details are still waiting to unfold.

It's still 1/1/13.  Nearly midnight, but still New Year's Day 2013, nonetheless.

Maybe all is not lost.

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  1. Happy New Year to the Rose family. Kortnie was throwing up NYE too, but BG's were steady in the low 100's, then last night she stayed in the 60's for 3 hours, of course by midnight she was 311, ugh. Pure Craziness! Good luck with blogging 5 days a week.

  2. Happy New Year! I hope all are feeling well now and that you have got some rest. Looking forward to more post :)

  3. Yuck! Hope you got all of the "messiness" out of the way and here's to all good things in 2013!!

  4. Oh the joys of mothering a child with diabetes that is throwing up! I so understand. I hope you were able to get some rest on Tuesday and Weds.

  5. Happy 2013! Can't wait to read what the New Year has in store for you and your precious family.


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