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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hot Flashes on Hold!

Thank you, everyone, for the love and well-wishes in response to my last post.  Each message was a pleasure to receive, and I sincerely appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

I've spent the past two days locked up in my bedroom, taking lots of naps.  Mr. Rose has made sure to keep me supplied with plenty of fresh water...and chocolate :)  The pain has been easily controlled with Motrin.  I'm actually very comfortable, all things considered.

I'm pleased to report that my surgery went better than expected!  The doctor was able to spare my remaining ovary, which means I should have another 10-15 years to enjoy the benefits my own estrogen.  Perhaps, this is not that big of a deal to some people, but I'm really happy about it :)

I'll be getting back to business as usual soon.  I love this time of year, and don't want to miss a minute of enjoying the magic through the eyes of my children.  I hope each of you are well, and enjoying the season too!

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  1. Happy, happy that it was left where it was! Your ovary I mean. Not sure what I had at age 23 (something similar -- cyst size of a grapefruit), and entire right ovary had to be taken out. My aunt had 5 kids with one sliver of one ovary left! :) Rest well and enjoy the Christmas season! Love and hugs. ~Ivy


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