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Friday, November 2, 2012


Write about the weirdest thing about your health

The weirdest thing?

Well.  Maybe it's the tumor thing with hair, skin, and lung tissue that led to the removal of my left ovary when I was 14 weeks preggo with Sugar.   That was pretty weird.  And, even weirder, that I'll be bidding my right ovary farewell pretty soon for the same thing.  Hello Menopause!


Well, then I'll just say that it's weird to have celiac disease, but not to have experienced obvious symptoms.  I would never have known I had celiac if not for Sugar's diagnosis in 2008.  We had the entire family tested because there was about a 20% chance that someone else would be affected.  

I guess I was the lucky one.

But, here's the thing...I've tested those limits.  I've blatantly eaten gluten to see if anything would happen...and...aside from possible canker sores...nothing.  I don't get tummy aches.  I don't feel sick.  I'm not miserable.  Sugar, on the other hand, will be sick for more than a day if she's exposed to gluten.  She'll have severe abdominal pain, and complain about feeling horrible.  

I know...I know.  Just because I don't feel the damage, doesn't mean there isn't any.  As the result of so many undiagnosed years, my initial endoscopic biopsy revealed "near 100% villous atrophy", and the list of complications resulting from untreated celiac is intimidating.  

It's just weird, that's all.

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  1. WEIRD is right. I like it when things make sense. HA! I think Im living the wrong life!!

  2. So...we do have something in common. Hi dermoid cyster. They were able to remove the one known without removing the ovary, but have been warned that it may recur like with you.


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