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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Unsung Heroes





(Get the point?)

"Mommy????  Mommy????  I made up a song.  Do you want to hear my song?  Hear it goes?  Wait.  I have to think.  Okay. Are you ready?  I'm going to sing you my song..."

"I CAN'T!!!!!!  I can't listen to your song right now."

The kitchen was a frenzy.  I had a living room full of guests who had planned to eat a Thanksgiving feast at 6:30, and it was already five minutes past 7.  The microwave was beeping relentlessly to alert that the mashed potatoes had finished reheating.  Sugar's meter had just beeped 52, and she was whining -- not in a bratty, OMYGOSH PLEASE BE QUIET sort of a way. Rather, in that HOLY MAC WE NEED TO GET DINNER STAT sort of way.  The turkey still needed to be carved, the gravy wasn't thickening up fast enough, we didn't have any clean silverware to set the table with...

And Tiara wanted to sing me a song.

I watched her smile sink, and her shoulders slouch as she left the kitchen.


I immediately wanted to put my arms around her, pull her into my lap, and listen to her sing. But I couldn't.  In that moment, I couldn't do anything except deal with her older sister's low blood sugar.

As ashamed as I am to admit it...the truth is that diabetes always wins in these situations.  I have to stop reading with someone, pause a family movie, stop pushing the swing, etc, etc, etc...whatever it may be.

For Spice, Tiara, and Tink...this is their normal.

And, yet...their laughter still fills the house, and their smiles make my heart sing.  They're patient, helpful, and understanding.  They love unconditionally, and never place blame.  They don't give guilt trips or silent treatments, and never chastise -- regardless of the number.

Spice was there the day Sugar was diagnosed.  In the time since, she has tried to learn whatever she can to help support her sister during her visits.

Tink and Tiara have both taken active roles in supporting their older sister.  Whether helping with a site change, or knowing what to do when they have to take charge of a situation.

By the age of 3, both Tink and Tiara knew how to check her blood sugar, and how to call 911 if they ever need help.

We're a team.

I can't get back the moments diabetes has stolen.

And so, for every song I couldn't stop to listen to, I just want to say:

I love each you.

And thank you for being so awesome.

In 2010, Alexis and Sherry declared November 28th as Special Sib's of D-Kid's Day.  
So there you have it!

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  1. Even in families where there aren't any D-kids, sometimes those songs have to wait. Totally understand!

  2. LOVE. I love that photo, this post, and the fact that your girls are there for each other ... and there for you.

  3. It's hard when the numbers have to take center stage, but it's just the way it is. Love that our families are made up of kids that 'get it' and sacrifice for their D brother or sister. :)

  4. I love that picture with Spice and Sugar's crazy curly hair. So much great stuff going on there!


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