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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Schlepping Schtuff

Write about what’s in your bag / purse / backpack every day

Type 1 Diabetes = Stuff
Meters, lancing device, strips, low blood sugar supplies, back up supplies...

Figuring out how to tote all this jazz around remains a work in progress.
We've used various systems that have worked well over the years,
but it seems this is one area that is always evolving around here.

A couple years ago, I told you about our kit.
It worked great...until it didn't.
Sugar's tastes have evolved, preferences have emerged, and I'm
learning that things which used to work, don't always work now.

At Friends For Life, I had the opportunity to see a Skidaddle Bag.
With the discount being offered, and not having to pay for shipping, we (*I*)
decided to invest in one and give it a whirl!

The Verdict:
She loves it!
It keeps everything organized and easily accessible.
It slides nicely into her backpack, making it a great way to manage her supplies at school.
(FYI -- Her mind is subject to change without notice.)

In case you're wondering, here's some highlights of the stuff we keep in her bag:

N E V E R    A G A I N!!!

  • Yes...she's 9 and she has a cell phone.  She keeps it in her bag at all times, so it's not something she's toting around like a teenager.  It's been a great tool in helping us work towards greater independence.  I'm not exactly sure what we used to do without cell phones.

So, anyway, that's our bag!

And PS (No one paid me to write this.)

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  1. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea about using the ketostix to test for sugar in drinks!!!' I NEVER would have thought of that one! Pure genius :-) Thos has me thinking I need to switch up our bag a little!

    Does Sugar use the phone to connect with you about her BG while she's at school or just away from home? We've been thinking about one for Maeg but I'm having a hard time with the thought of my 9yr old with a phone! Not to mention that they are forbidden at school, regardless of the purpose :-(

    1. Just make sure you get the keto-diastix :) They look the same as regular ketone stix, but there's a second little square for glucose. Our pharmacy didn't have them in stock, so we needed to ask that they order them for us.

      RE: The Cell Phone -- She keeps it in her bag at school, but it's turned off. The school nurse keeps me updated during the day. She uses it for after school activities, play dates, sleepovers, etc. We only got it about 4 or 5 months ago, and I must admit that it's been a great tool! She can text me food pics when she has questions about how many carbs to give, and I never worry that she needs to depend on someone else's phone to reach me. I was pretty hesitant as well, but must admit that it's been a great choice for us!!!!

  2. Some diabetes bags and purses they like can be pricey, but I think the cost is offset by the fact that your child will be carrying it every day, if she doesn't like it she won't carry it. So, a very good investment. It would be nice if someone could manufacture the bags at a lower price point and still make enough profit in order to continue selling them. Probably not possible. Very nice bag. I say, you can always budget somewhere else to make up for the cost.

  3. Thanks again for sharing this Wendy!! I have been debating whether or not I should get one of these bags for my girly and finally ordered one for her tonight. She looked at the site and decided she liked that Dots bag and then I remembered that you had a picture of Sugar's bag posted so I showed it to her & that sealed the deal!!! The only difference is that we ordered the messenger style bag instead of the hipster one. Need a little more room for her epi-pen & asthma stuff.
    Thanks again for sharing. Now we just have to wait for it to get here. Cross border shipping is painfully slow!! But I did get the bag at 40% of so I can deal with the wait :-)



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