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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top 40.

  1. Life isn't ever going to be perfect.  Stop waiting for the perfect moment, and just do it.
  2. I was a much better mother before I actually had children.  
  3. If you lose your voice for 2 weeks (and counting), you'll soon discover that whispering is just as effective as yelling.
  4. People are people.  They may tote titles and fame on the outside, but underneath a vulnerable hospital gown, they're all the same.  
  5. Be careful with your words.  They hurt the most, and last the longest.
  6. Sometimes terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things happen.  Despite that reality, it will still  be possible to smile again.
  7. One day there will be a ton of pictures for your children to cherish.  Make sure you're in them.
  8. Take naps.
  9. Tell your husband you're proud of him.  Then tell him again.
  10. Tell your children they're incredible.  Then tell them again.
  11. Work hard.  Play harder.  Love the most.
  12. You don't have to be everyone's friend.  Be nice, but don't get caught up in the notion that you owe everyone an investment of your heart.
  13. Listen more.
  14. Don't bark at your kids for leaving their clothes on the floor, and then leave yours on the floor too.
  15. Learn something new.  Like how to shoot a gun (more on this later).
  16. People won't always care what you have to say.  Say it anyway.
  17. I am a child of God.  So are you.
  18. Speaking of which, that gay guy you snarled at?  The bi-racial couple you shot a sideways glance?  The girl who just stepped out of an abortion clinic?  They're God's children too, so zip it.
  19. And...since I'm on the topic...for the record:  God knows my heart.  There will be a Judgement Day, and the Big Guy is perfectly capable of making eternal decisions as far as His kingdom is concerned. (Sorry, boys, but this means I don't need your endowment to go to Heaven.)
  20. On that note:  Beware of false prophets.  
  21. Push limits. 
  22. Integrity counts.
  23. Technology is awesome.  Not as awesome as turning it all off and doing something intentional with your family.
  24. Sleeping on the floor, couch, toddler bed, and/or rocking chair builds character.  Doing it all in one night makes you badass.
  25. The sun will come out tomorrow. 
  26. Grocery shopping can be a lot of fun.
  27. Among a zillion other things, the big cursive Q will never make sense.  Just go with it.
  28. There isn't a trophy for tandem nursing a toddler and a newborn while simultaneously checking and treating your 3 year old's low blood sugar.  There should be.
  29. Tea is okay.  Coffee is fine.  (cheap, super-sweet) Wine is DA BOMB!
  30. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  Today could be your last.
  31. Unless you're willing to do something about the problem, quit whining.
  32. Sing a song today.  
  33. You're never too old to chase a butterfly.
  34. If you love someone, tell them.  If you mean it, show them.
  35. There's nothing quite like the feeling of getting a surprise birthday cake.
  36. Support small businesses.  By doing so, you're supporting their dreams.
  37. Meet your neighbors.  Then get to know them.
  38. Smile more.
  39. Wake up, and figure out what's for dinner.  It'll make the rest of the day go smoother.
  40. Ironing clothes is overrated.
I'm officially 40.
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  1. Is that you in those photos? I LOVE that DRESS! And I love your list of 40. Happy Birthday, Wendy.

    1. I'm the baby in those pictures :) That's my mama!!!

    2. That's a very typical dress and hairstyle if the era (I would've pegged it more 1969 than 1972, but mothers tended to wear their hair short, and if you were more conservative, you might not have considered a "Twiggy" or a "shag").

  2. So many of those rang true especially number 40!! Wonderful baby photos - you are so like your mum!!

  3. That Q doesn't make sense?!?! Hope you had a wonderful birthday with lots fo that cheap wine :)

  4. Happy birthday!!! You so don't look 40!

  5. Happy Birthday. It just gets better from here (well, not really; we just learn to "go with the flow" more, and find the time to challenge ourselves in new ways).

  6. This is a GREAT list!! Hope you birthday was all you expected, and more.

  7. happy belated bday! love the pics of your mom! you so much like her! :)


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