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Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's Going On 1 AM....

And Mr. Rose is changing a pump site.

But, who knows if it's actually site issue.  It could be a lemonade issue.  Or a birthday cake issue.  Or a popcorn issue. Or just an all around excitement issue as the result of attending your first EVER solo sleepover at a friend's house whom you haven't seen all summer.

It doesn't really the end, it's one big diabetes issue.

I tried to be as prepared possible.

I made sure she had all the diabetes supplies and gluten-free food she would need for dinner, cake, a movie, and breakfast.  I measured and labeled everything to make sure the carb counts were as accurate as possible.  I had her set a midnight alarm on the cell phone she got for her birthday recently, and reminded her to text me a picture of anything she was going to eat without a label so I could help her figure the carbs to enter into her pump.

"Mom, I'm 417."

And then...

"Please don't make me come home.  I'm having so much fun."

I felt my heart sink as Jay began gathering the supplies to replace her insulin and change her site.

And now we wait.

When they sent the invitation, they didn't realize some one would be showing up in the middle of the night with needles and tubing to make sure one of the party guests survived the night.  This kind mother (whom I've never actually met) will be getting up with her at 3 am -- they'll call with the verdict...

We're doing everything we can to avoid crashing the party.  

Will we be successful?

I guess we'll find out soon enough.
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  1. Big ((hugs)) to you and your courage this night. I haven't been brave enough to let my T1 go on a sleep over since her diagnosis. Hope the 3 AM number was a kinder one.

  2. What an awesome mom... although with a sleepover, she will probably be up anyways. Hope you were able to get a little rest.

  3. Oh, I feel your pain-- been there, done that... and was happy to find out that the other moms (in our case- three times now) weren't bothered at all by it, but actually more bothered by the fact that they couldn't do more to help. :) At one party I had to go three times during the night(still on MDI back then) and the mom was very kind about it. At the other two, the moms agreed to check DD's numbers during the night for us and called if out of a given range.

    I hope you had a similar experience and all went well post- site change! It sounds to me like you were not crashing the party at all. :)

  4. But you let her go, you let her try!

    I am waiting for the update!

  5. The leap to "yes, let's try it" is huge - I'm glad you all jumped that! BGs aside, I hope she's having/had a wonderful time. :)

  6. I "Like" Lora's comment. Can I do that on a blog? Is this proof positive that I spend too much time on Facebook? Why can't I formulate my own comment rather than just "liking" someone elses?

    Wait...I "like" everyone elses comments too.

    I've got serious problems...

  7. Yep, that's what we do...we do all we can to make it possible for them to do 'normal' kid stuff. Sometimes it goes well, sometimes not so much. But, I have a feeling the memories that will last will not include a wee hours site change!


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