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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good-Byes Are Never Easy.

Especially for Tiara.

Daydreaming while mesmerized by Crystal Bowersox.
She's my very sweet...but very sassy...6 year old, going on 26 year old.  She's wise beyond her years, pours her heart into everyone she meets, and gets fired up over injustice -- whether it's a situation with her sisters, or hearing about something unfair happening through current events.  She loves shoes, lip gloss, and cartwheels.  She's as passionate as they come, and ripping her heart away from something or someone she cares about is incredibly painful for her on a very deep level.

When she met Misty's Middle Little, it didn't take long before I knew the devastation that waited when the moment came to bid farewell.  Both middle sisters.  Both younger sisters to a T1 older sister.  Both older sisters to a little sister.  

They spoke the same language in their own little world.

The final hugs good-bye.
Fortunately there are ways for these Friends For Life to keep in touch...

PS...Jason and Misty's husband, Keith, connected instantly as well.  As did Sugar and Misty's T1.  Oh, and Tink and Misty's youngest hit it off too.  And...well...I've "known" Misty for several years via the old blog-a-roo here...I guess that makes it a win-win for everyone!

Let the good times roll!
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  1. She is a firecracker for sure! I love that girl!

  2. Awwww! LOVE hearing their laughter :) Definitely a win-win! We miss you Roses!!!

  3. Love how FFL truly affords time to make friends for life...and make those bonds that already exist stronger!

  4. HAHA! Love it!

    You know that is basically what Kim, Jess, and I do every week right? ;)

    (You think I'm kidding)


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