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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lights, Camera, ACTION!

She was ToTo.

It was the first time she would be staying after school for an activity without me at arm's reach, and after her school nurse leaves for the day.  When the audition information came home, there was no doubt that I would support her desire to participate...I just wasn't sure how the details would work themselves out.  

But they did.

And last week was the big show!

Another first.  How would nervous butterflies affect her numbers?  Would I recognize signs of trouble from my view in the audience?  Would she go on stage without hesitation?

Tuesday was her dress rehearsal.  They preformed for the entire student body at school, and I was seated in the far back of the cafeteria since it really wasn't a performance intended for families.  I have to admit that I paid more attention to her body language than the actual flow of the show itself.  Like any mom, I was cheering her on...clapping when she remembered to bark on cue, and fist pumping inside when I saw how well she had learned the script.

That being said, I also kept glancing around the room, trying to decide what route I would take to get to her without causing a scene if I suspected trouble.  It would be so UNCOOL to have your mom dart up the aisle and onto center stage with a juice box in tow, you know.

She was 162 at the end of the show, and loved every minute of her first stage performance!  I helped her take off her make up, get out of her costume, and sent her back to class.  I could tell she was on a happy high.  By her regular snack time about half an hour later, she had leveled out in the low 100's and finished the day with perfect numbers and a smile.

After school the next day, the drama kids had a pizza party before their finale.  I was under strict instructions by Sugar *NOT* to hang out.  She wanted me to drop off her pizza, and then be on my way with plans of returning when all the other parents started showing up.


This was a first for us...for me.  A snack in the nurse's office, 2 slices of pizza, a cupcake, and 4 oz of regular soda.........PRE-BOLUS AND BE GONE??  I was just supposed to turn around and walk out? Without watching like a hawk to make sure every bite was eaten?

Yes.  I was.

And I did.

(Feel free to applause.)

I came back to put on her face, and was able to catch the kids backstage for a few minutes.  It was a whiz of activity with excited energy buzzing from floor to the ceiling.  Not only was my girl a part of it, but she was LOVING it!

Pre-show 163...after all those carbs. (Also, very cool that it was a consecutive number to the day before!)

We peeked through the curtain to point out where she could find us sitting.  Then we made up a little signal for her to give us if she felt like something was off, and agreed on a meeting spot, stage right.  Mr. Rose sat on the end of our row with a juice box in hand through the entire show.

It was a fantastic experience for her...for all of us...from the auditions to the standing ovation! 

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  1. Wonderful!! It must be hard to let go...if just a little bit. (On another note, this sounds like a great application for a MySentry!)

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  5. Love the pics and the visual of you sitting on the side with a juice box ready to go. GREAT #'s! And she wanted you to leave?! That day has come with my son, but I was hoping that maybe it wouldn't happen with my daughter. Guess I better start preparing myself.

  6. Way to go Sugar and Way to go Mom! Looks like she had a blast being ToTo.

  7. Aww, that's great to hear! BTW I must tell you that reading your stories really helps me. I am a nervous wreck all the time with my son but it's all still very new we are just approaching the 5 month mark. I am grateful to have met you and your family at camp orientation a few months ago and I'm glad I'm not the only one who is always ready for the low bg to hit. Thanks!

  8. I get great big tears in my eyes when I see our sweeties getting to do and be normal. That's really all any of us want, right? So glad it all went so smoothly.

  9. I'm giving you all a standing ovation from here. Bravo!!!

  10. This story is awesome for so many reasons! Great job Mom and Sugar!! :)

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  12. congrats to all y'all on such a successful experience! :D


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