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Monday, March 26, 2012

That's a (Gluten-Free) Wrap!

I'm a dipper.  My ideal meal includes a variety of dips and sauces accompanied by an array of options to drench in said condiments.  For this reason, I used to LOVE eating wrap sandwiches. I would dip each bite in salsa, the next in BBQ sauce, then mayo, or whatever else all I could find.

But then Sugar and I were diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

And my wrap sandwiches changed.  Sure, I've tried some GF wraps that I really like.  But...if I'm honest, it's easy to warm them for a few seconds too long, resulting in an "almost-cracker". Many GF wraps don't seem to fold without cracking, and often have a chewy texture that makes each bite a little harder to rip off than it needs to be.  Not to mention that, at about $5 for 6 wraps, these GF options cost a pretty penny when compared to their non-GF counterparts.

Ah, the gold old days of pliable, affordable, convenient flour tortillas.

And then, one day, my friend told me about these corn tortillas she picked up at Costco.  She told me about them, because they're labeled as gluten-free and it made her think of our family. She went on to tell me how great tasting they are and how nicely they fold up, just like a flour tortilla.

Pssshhhhyeah.  Obviously she must have been confused.  On their BEST day, corn tortillas don't fold up nice and easy like a flour tortilla.

Then she let me have a pack to try for myself.

I swear I would not have believed her if I hadn't experienced it firsthand myself.

These are one of the best gluten-free finds I've had in a long time!  So good that I picked up a Costco sized pack of my own.  SIXTY (60) uncooked corn tortillas for around $8.  Sugar and I are SET for taco night, wraps for lunch, Mexican pizza, whatever!


Here...let me show you...

This is what it looks like out of the package.

You throw it in a heated pan for about 30 seconds on each side.  
No oil.  No spray.  Just a hot pan.
It even starts to bubble when you cook the second side!

I know you're busy.
Trust me, you have 1 minute for this.

When I say they are pliable and wrap without cracking, I mean just that.


Let me show you...

Today I had a turkey-avocado wrap with salsa for dipping (!!!!), and mango on the side.... 

Now THAT'S a wrap!

PS -- No one sent me free tortillas or paid me to tell you about this product...
in case you were wondering.
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  1. Where did you find these in Costco? Refrigerated section? Bread? Chips?

    1. Good point! Thanks for asking :)

      At our Costco, I found them in the refrigerated section...they were just past the yogurts, in a section with some other tortillas. They must be kept refrigerated, though I did freeze 2 packs and expect they'll be just fine :)

  2. We love corn tortillas around here too! You definitely can't beat the price. Andrew likes me to make him bean and cheese quesadillas. YUMMY!!!!

    I've never tried to heat them and serve them as a wrap. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Yum! ..but I have no Costco : (
    will keep looking though! ; )

  4. I love those too...even I am finding that the gluten free choices settle better and those have been a fav for quite a while. We even take them camping as they're perfect for breakfast burritos :) Enjoy your new find!

  5. Great find! Isn't amazing how something so simple, yet not simple at all, can totally make our lives happier?

  6. Looks delicious!!! Glad you got to enjoy such a great find!

  7. Hmm. I'm going to have to find me a friend with a Cosco membership! Seems like a good find! One thing I do with my drier corn tortillas is wrap them in wet (and wrung out) paper towel and then microwave them. I keep them wrapped until right before use. But I haven't tried to fry them afterwards, so not sure if that would help or not.

  8. Wow. This is so yummy. I'm gonna try this at home.



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