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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's That?

I walked into the classroom, ready for my reading groups.  As is always the case, Sugar lit up when the door opened, dashed across the room, and wrapped me up with a big hug.

FYI -- I love this.  I realize it won't be this way forever, but I do really love the way they get giddy with excitement when their mama comes to visit the class.

I gathered the books, and we formed our circle of chairs.  We were one book short, so Sugar plopped down on my lap.  We could share.

And that's when I saw it.

A bulge from her pocket.

Not wanting to interrupt, I didn't say anything.  But my eyes kept glancing down, beneath the book, to examine her jeans.

If I didn't know better, I might think it was her pump.

Couldn't be.

She's been wearing a pump pack for almost 5 years.  She loves them, and often makes sure they're color coordinated with her outfits.  I can still see her little, 3 year old curly-haired head running around with the " Pump Pack O' the Day" around her waist.

Of course not.  Pffft.  Besides, I saw her pump pack around her waist as she was throwing on her backpack that morning.


We finished our reading, and I had to ask before the next group came in.

"Um.  Honey?  What is that in your pocket?"

"My pump.  Bye Mom!"

"Oh.  Your pump?"

But she was to the next group.

Two reading groups later, I had a chance to revisit the situation with her.  Did her pack rip off?  Had the pump fallen?  Is her site okay?

"Um. Honey?  Why is your pump in your pocket?  Is everything okay?"

"My pocket?  Oh!  I dunno.  I just decided after lunch that I wanted to put it in my pocket, because that's how most of the girls at camp wore their pumps."

Oh.  Okay.  Yeah.  I mean...whatever.  It's her pump.  If she wants to wear it in her pocket, that's cool.


I'm down.

No biggie.

Like, WHATevER.

Dude.  It's JUST her pocket for goodness sake.


I'm not ready for all this "growing up" stuff.

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  1. If Alivia could manage to not rip her site out when whipping her pants down to use potty she'd always wear hers in her pocket :)

  2. aww i LOVE how Emma's face lights up when she sees me too...I am so not ready for her to grow up..."WAAAAHHHH"-ing right along with ya my friend! :o)

  3. They do grow up way too quickly, for sure! Love those hugs, too. Am missing them now that I'm not at her school everyday.

  4. Kortnie pretty much always has her pump in her pocket or clipped to her waistband. I've tried a few differnt pump packs and she'll get excited and wear them for a couple days, but pretty soon she's back to her old standby. The only time she'll wear the pack is when she's in a dress.

  5. I too love those smiles and running to give me a big hug. I think she looks pretty cute and stylish with it in her pocket! She wears it well!

  6. I have to agree she does look pretty stylish and way too cute wearing her pump that way!

  7. I'm not ready for the growing up either, but I'm so proud of our kiddos! They are brave and strong and cute!!


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