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Monday, February 13, 2012

That wasn't the plan.

We believe that the gift of memories are better than anything money can buy.  It's important to us that the girls have fond memories to recall as they grow up.  As a Christmas gift, we decided to send the girls to see a children's play with their grandparents.  Since my father and his wife live near us part of the year, we needed to pick a show that would be playing before they leave to head back East.  Charlotte's Web at the Valley Youth Theatre proved to be the perfect opportunity.

As the day drew closer, I began to hatch a plan about managing blood sugars from afar.  (My initial plan was to secretly follow them, and sit on the outside steps, just in case there was a problem.  Mr. Rose talked me out of that one.)

Sugar is taking responsibility in small spurts more often, but this event meant she'd be an across town for several hours.

As in...............OVER THERE................while we're....................OVER HERE.



A lot can happen with blood sugars over the course of a few HOURS.

Anyhoo, we bolused her for some pretzels and had her eat them in the car on the way there. They had to leave around 1:30 to have time to park and pick up their tickets by 3.  Figuring the show would be out around 4:30, and they'd be back to the car by 5, we planted a snack for her to eat when she got back into the car.  The plan was to meet them for dinner around 6ish.

Sounds good, right?

Until we get a call saying that the start had been delayed because there was a motorcycle rally causing traffic issues, and the theatre wanted to give extra time to allow guests to arrive.


A motorcycle rally holding up traffic on the ONE day we're sending the girls to spend a day out without us?

My mind started racing.  I admit it.  I panicked...a little.  What if I hadn't packed enough fast sugar in her little purse?  We only sent one snack for after the show, and it was going to be in the car waiting...what if she needed it before the show finished?  What if she needed to test, and it was too dark?

What if, what if, what if????

Jay reminded me that she could handle it.  He reminded me that we had enough confidence to send her in the first place, so we needed to have enough confidence that she would be able to mange the situation.  He reminded me that we're only a phone call away, and can easily give instructions over the phone, if necessary.

And so I took a deep breath.

(Though...I did make him call the box office to find out exactly when they expected the show to be out.  I needed to know what time she would have her snack in hand.  I needed to know when I could look at the clock, and know that everything was okay.)

We met at the was a 90 minute wait, so we found somewhere else to eat.  They were giddy with excitement, showing us the autographs they had collected and telling us how much they loved "Charlotte's sparkly eyes".  They were full of energy, and everyone was trying to talk at once.  They were all smiles, and diabetes was the last thing Sugar was talking about.

Oh, and for the record, her blood sugar was 126 mg/dL when they got back in the car.

Almost seven years ago, if you would have told me that we'd have the confidence to send her off for an afternoon without us, I would have laughed at you.

But we're doing it.

It's really happening!

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  1. Way to go! This gives me so much HOPE that we too can do this one day. Love those cuties in those heart shirts!

  2. i am sooo proud of you! I had a nerves sending Joshua into the play area for an hour while I was working out. so WAY TO GO!!!

  3. Way to go mom! I'm so glad to hear that everything turned out AOK!

  4. WooHoo! I totally would have been vetoed on the sitting outside, too!

  5. this is an awesome post, I love knowing how far your family has come with managing d and not letting it rule your lives. You guys are such incredible examples to all of us parents of CWD, thank you for sharing. And I love the pic at the end of your beautiful girls ;)

  6. I was holding my breath as I read this. I know exactly how you must have been feeling. I know the panic of a well thought out plan getting a kink! I'm so glad that everything worked out and that the girls enjoyed this beautiful memory making kind of day!


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