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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


A few months ago, Sugar's A1c shot up by half a percent.  It wasn't the actual number that was so was more the fact that she had lost some weight, in addition to seeing an A1c elevation.  Then, on the same day we had that endo visit, Sugar ended up needing to have a tooth pulled emergently.

It just wasn't a good day.

We went back to the endo 2 months later instead of 3, mainly for a weight check.  At that point, we had managed to drop her A1c from 7.5% to 7.3%, and she gained three pounds.  Aside from the fact that her annual labs showed that one of her thyroid antibodies had turned positive, it appeared that we were back on track, and heading in the right direction again.

And then there was November.  November...when I hit a wall.  November...when I was in the THICK of a rut.  November when I made gluten-free sugar cookies to bring with me to the endo, because I was willing to do anything to soften the blow that I knew that was coming.  November...when her A1c was back up to 7.5%, and though she hadn't lost weight, she hadn't gained any weight either.

Yeah.  THAT November.

A few days after THAT November endo appointment (um, 2 days to be exact.), I had an out of body experience, and spontaneously decided to switch Sugar from Novolog to Apidra (on Thanksgiving night nonetheless).  I say that, because no sound, well-rested, rational mother would EVER decide to start her daughter on a brand new insulin after a day of feasting, right before bedtime, just because.  A sane person wouldn't ever do such a thing.

Which may explain the mindset I was in, after weeks on end of nonsensical blood sugar mayhem.

(Just sayin'.)

After 24 hours, I noted that it did appear her blood sugars were staying in target range more often.  By the six week point, I was pretty certain that Apidra could be attributed to the improvement we were seeing in her numbers.

That being said, I have always maintained that the PROOF would be in the pudding...the A1c Pudding, that is.

We had her quarterly endo visit last Friday.

Seriously, we did.

The day before the appointment, she also had a dentist appointment....and the dentist gave us a high-five, awesome report card for her teeth.

Such a different experience than the day she needed to have a tooth pulled.

Whew!  Relief.

Oh yeah!

Back to the endo visit.





Looks like pudding will be on the menu for awhile.

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  1. Hi, Wendy! So glad for the good reports! I know how good that relief feels, and am rejoicing with you! :) I'm also hoping to lower EA's A1C at the next Endo visit...I'm excited to see what happens with our Apidra switch.
    Take care~

  2. Congrats! I'm so happy that Apidra is working so well for your gal!

  3. WooHoo!!!!!!!! Sometimes we have to be as bold to diabetes as it is to our kids. You kicked major D butt!!!!!

    I'm sorry to hear about Sugar's thyroid antibody. Andrew's one side of his thyroid was "mushy" at one of our past appointments. At this point, the blood tests have been normal, but I'm already preparing myself since I have hashimoto's myself.

  4. AWESOME JOB!!! way to rock the boldness and make things happen my friend! that is fantastic!

  5. Bring on the pudding! Yay for a great A1C!

  6. Congrats on an awesome A1c, and so glad to hear Apidra is working so well for you guys!

  7. Yes, Apidra definitely works better for our DD. Fatty foods can be problematic but corrections bring down highs much faster. Endo does not agree it works as well for everyone though. That's a quick reduction in A1c levels. Mighty quick. Congratulations!

  8. So glad to hear that you are having many good days with many good numbers! Maybe we can borrow some of that pudding magic over here?!

  9. So, THAT'S what Bean needs...PUDDING!! ;)
    Seriously, that is awesome! Way to go!!

  10. WOOT! We have loved Apidra for Joe as well. His sites seem to last longer too since we switched from Humalog to Apidra. Life is GOOD baby! WAY TO GO!

  11. Yay, Wendy!! That is a wonderful, three month turnaround! : ) I'll have some of that pudding, BTW! : ) hugs all around!

  12. Awesome!!!!! :) My Pudding is the same as yours . . . . Apidra just works much much better for me. And my A1C reflect it.


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