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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I believe in them.

When I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I experienced some severe lower right abdominal pain.  My doctor began preparing me for the very real possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, but the sono results threw both of us for a loop:  Bilateral "ovarian tumors".

At 14 weeks gestation, the tumor on the left had to be removed.  It could not be done laparoscopically, because the risk of a uterine puncture was too great.  It would require general anesthesia, an open incision, and removal of the entire ovary.  The surgeon would also attempt to remove the right sided tumor, but only if it could be done without causing too much uterine irritability.  If both ovaries were removed, it would seal my fate for ever becoming pregnant again (or so we thought!).

I woke up with a healthy baby still growing strong in my tummy, my right ovary undisturbed, and news that both tumors were believed to be benign.  I went on to have an uncomplicated pregnancy followed by spontaneous labor and subsequent delivery of a healthy baby girl a tad bit early, at 36 weeks.

With one "compromised" ovary, we were still able to experience two more uncomplicated pregnancies, and healthy full term baby girls who have grown into energetic, rambunctious, amazing children.  I never required a c-section.

Except...that remaining ovary never ovulated.

Say again?

As it turns out, a sliver of the previously-removed left ovary had been left behind -- a sliver so small, it cannot even be detected on a sonogram...unless, of course, you're newly pregnant and your OB wants to check the status of the remaining tumor -- and happens to discover a follicular cyst seemingly out of nowhere on the left side.

Yes, I believe in miracles.

I was 20 weeks pregnant with my second baby when Sugar was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 24 months.  I've written her diagnosis story before, but the first thing I always think about when I'm reminded of that day are the words of the doctor treating her in the PICU that first night:

"You would have put her to bed tonight, and she would have been gone by morning."

She was -- literally -- within hours of losing her life.  She had cerebral edema, and drifted in and out of consciousness during those first 12-16 hours.

Today she is healthy, vibrant, and full of life without any obvious trace of the stress her brain experienced at the time of her diagnosis, or the subsequent repeated severe low blood sugars that followed.

Yes, I believe in miracles.

And I'm asking you to believe in them too.

Three years ago, I introduced Candy Hearts readers to Meri.  At the time, I mentioned that she has four sons and THREE of them have Type 1 Diabetes.  Wait, there's more...her husband, Ryan, had just recently completed chemotherapy for the treatment of Melanoma.

My friends...Meri, Ryan, and their boys need a miracle.  Two days ago, Ryan was diagnosed with Metastasized Melanoma.  But, I'm not just talking a little recurrence.  I'm talking six brain tumors, lung tumors, and abdominal tumors.  Ryan is 40 years old.


I'm pleading with anyone who reads this post to gather an army among you, and begin praying for this family -- earnestly, confidently, and strategically -- every day until Ryan's miracle has been delivered.  This Sunday, 3/4/12, the family has set aside as a time of fasting and prayer.  Please join them.

A Facebook page has been created where you will be able to receive regular updates. Immediate needs and specific prayer requests will be posted there throughout this journey as well.

Please storm Heaven's gates, and petition complete healing for this loving husband and father.
"The great tragedy of this life is not unanswered prayer, but unoffered prayer."  --F.B. Meyer  

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  1. I will definitely be praying for this family.

  2. I'm standing strong in prayer for them here! BEAUTIFUL POST!!! We have our own set of miracles here. :) you may have just cured my writers block!

  3. Thank you for posting this...I didn't know...I will be praying, too.

  4. Thank you for this update Wendy. I will definitely be praying. I will have them added to our church prayer list and add them to our prayer group this evening.

  5. We will be praying for them all here in Ohio!

  6. miracles do happen...thank you for sharing your stories of your miracles...simply beautiful. Praying for Meri, Ryan, and her family.


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