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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Ah, yes.  

The week before Winter Break.

I'm not sure there are words to describe it.

4 random candy canes, 3 classroom parties, 2 kindergarten performances, 1 PJ's with hot chocolate day...

And a partridge in a pear tree.

If you don't have a child with diabetes or celiac, I suppose this week could come and go without much fanfare.  

But alas, if that were the case, I wouldn't be blogging about it.

Except, here's the thing:  I've got this.  Classroom parties don't intimidate me anymore.  I don't let anyone else do the SWAGGING and insulin dosing.  I clear my schedule and show up. Period.  After evaluating her blood sugar, she partakes of this and that and so on while I stand in the background, armed with the Ping remote.  

This year it wasn't so much the constant flow of candy canes, paper made stockings stuffed with sweets, green frosting and candies to lather onto a gluten-free sugar cone, or the assembly line of glutenous baked goods that sent me spinning in a circle.


It was hearing the other 2 sweet little voices:

"Mommy, will you come to my party too?"


I hope.

You see, this is the first year everyone is spread out.  Last year Tiara and Tink were in the same preschool class -- and it was only half a day...but THIS year I'm juggling three teachers, three schedules, and three times the celebrations.

I've always gone to Sugar's parties.  Since she's the oldest, the other two have been paying close attention.  In their eyes, the reason I go is solely because I love Sugar.  And because it's my job as The Mommy.  Mommy comes to class parties.  

They don't understand the complexities of managing blood sugars, insulin, and gluten in the classroom.

So....when we had the Kindergarten performance AND the preschool party AND the second grade party all on the SAME day....

This mama fretted.

Just a little.

I was dashing back and forth between classrooms like a maniac.  

And did I mention that it was a PE day for Sugar?

Because PE is already a confounding variable with blood sugars.

So, OF COURSE, it would be a PE day!  I mean, why pray tell would the powers that be EVER allow PE to fall on the day before or the day after this chaos?

That would be too easy.

It felt like I was helping 21 kinder kids change out of their costumes, doling out glops of green frosting, and sticking graham crackers to a milk carton simultaneously.  Even still, I was trying to be intentionally present for each child independently.


When it was all said and done, the girls were giddy with excitement about the upcoming break from school.

I, on the other hand, was exhausted.   

But I'd totally do it again in a heartbeat.

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  1. you are a rockstar my friend! I think if I were to attempt being in 3 places at once I would end up wandering the halls of the school muttering to myself about BG's, gluten, and HIGH FIVES!!

  2. Could those three girls be any more adorable! Hope the winter break is full of fun, fun, fun for all of you!

  3. Bravo to you Wendy for seeing that all your kiddos need you. What a testament to your parenting for them to not "know" that you go to Sugar's class due to d, but just because you're the loving mama you are...hope the break is giving you the much needed and deserved rest.


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