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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Um...About Last Night...


Diabetes, I want to talk to you about last night.

You see, yesterday I blissfully told all my pals how considerate you were during our family's day trip to Sedona.  I shared pictures of my girls playing in a creek, and reminisced about the last time we had spent a day in that area.

And I quote:

Today diabetes was just a blip on the radar.  Today it didn't take much attention, it didn't creep up in conversations, and it didn't misbehave.

You playah.  You weasel. SCUM.  (Too much?  Sheesh. Where's Reyna when a mama needs raging EFF-FILLED tongue lashing?)

You schmoozed your way into a few compliments, and then showed your true colors when no one was watching.

You. pathetic. disease.

We had pizza for dinner.  What better way to end a beautiful family outing?  And...not only did we have pizza, but the girls were granted apple juice to drink!  

(This is a rare treat at our dinner table.  Over here, you pretty much get two choices:  water or milk.  Tink happened to be with me when we passed a display of apple juice on sale at the grocery store...being that it's Fall and all...I was swayed into picking up 2 bottles because I couldn't resist her "PULLLEASE MOMMY?" and puppy dog eyes.)

So, yeah.  Pizza.  I realize that pizza is a thorn for many T1 peeps, but it really hasn't been an issue for us.  Last night, however, I decided to give her a combo bolus because of the apple juice.  I wanted to slam that juice with 75% of her insulin, and then spread out the last 25% over 2 hours to compensate for the protein/carb balance of her pizza.

Test.  Bolus.  Wait 20 minutes.  Game on.

Until she decided she wasn't hungry.


So there we are...Tiara and Tink both pouring out their sweet little hearts during our family's dinnertime prayer...

It took every ounce of strength I had to keep my hands to myself, and not dig out her pump to stop the combo...all the while, my beautiful, angelic, sweet, tender-hearted children continued praying...on, and on, and on, and on...


She got A LOT OF INSULIN, and now she has decided that she's NOT HUNGRY.

A-to the-M-to the-E-to the-N!

I need to think.  I need to assess the situation.  I need to decide if I should make up the carbs some other way.  Is she just saying that because she wants to see the rest of her show?  Is she just tired?  Is she really not interested in her pizza?

Is this REALLY that big of a deal?  Maybe I'm just tired.

As soon as the prayers were finished, she assured me that she wasn't hungry.  I stopped the combo, she drank her juice, ate some grapes, and that was that.

And then I blogged about our wonderful day.


About 2 hours after the fact she ate her pizza, and I didn't realize it until she was finished. She figured she still had enough insulin active, so she gobbled it up without saying anything.

For Pete's sake.

I straight up bolused for it, they picked out a movie, piled themselves on the floor with their pillow pets, and that was that.

Until midnight, when she was 250.

And 3 am, when she was 300.

And when she woke up at 230.

Anyway, Diabetes, I just really wanted to call you a few names, that's all.

She went on to have a great day, despite your pizza charades.

She even hula hooped.

So take that.
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  1. D is such an attention whore! I can totally help with the F bombs too ;)

    Glad all ended well. Seriously love that pic!

  2. Pizza gets us every time! EVERY TIME! It's so bad that Jack doesn't even want to eat it any more. :(

  3. OY!!! Pizza gets us every time Heidi. We are getting the numbers a bit more situated, but it has been a HUGE problem. Love that she Hula Hooped!

  4. Ah yes. D's greatest enemy is spontaneity. I can attest to that. As soon as you even think about changing your mind you're "eef'd"

  5. The only time we can make pizza work for us is at lunch. And what's the deal with D raining on our parades anytime we want to share about the good stuff?

    Stupid diabetes.

    Btw, the pic from your adventures look awesome! Wish we had some nature around here to explore.

  6. First I am so glad you had such a nice getaway with the family! Second, I completely can relate to the "umm..I'm not hungry now" situation...UGH! Glad that it played out ok in the long run and she got some hula hoop fun in there...2 hoops at once..impressive!! :o)

  7. pizza...being easy, forgetaboutit...not in this house. That bad boy always needs to be smacked down, unless of course we have the time to do the homemade kind, then well, then it's alright, but sometimes I just want the big fatty slices that you can only get from a restaurant!
    Glad your beautiful girl got her hula-hoopin' on anyways! Take that d!

  8. Ahhh! Diabetes and it's sneaky little tricks. I love pizza too...and live in Chicago where we are crazy with awesome jacks up my sugars BIGTIME so I don't get it nearly as much as I'd like.

    Glad you guys had a fun day overall. Love the Hula Hooping pic!!! :)

  9. Feeling you, bit time!
    I was patting myself on the back the other day because Bean's numbers have been pretty stinking good...almost posted a picture of an amazing dexcom graph, but I didn't, knowing it would just bring the onslaught of D crap.
    Yeah, even thinking it gave us a day and overnight filled with highs that wouldn't budge, even after a pod change and rage bolus....and then she woke up an hour early at 57. UGH!!!

  10. Wow! Ditto on the water or milk. Only 2 choices for us, but you have to live a little. Glad you rocked it after all!

  11. Oh, it's the stupid Diabetes Blog Curse!!!! If ever I blog about a good string of blood sugars, I swear the minute I hit Publish I'll sky-rocket!!!! Stupid Diabetes Blog Curse!


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